Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Finally. It Came.

I have laughed and poked fun at co-workers who left their ID at home.

Today, not only I left my work ID at home, I have left it along with my Railroad, Subway and Path Train monthly pass. I didn't realize this until I was sitting in the first cabin of the railroad train.

"Oh. Sh*T."

But what could I do? It's not like I would jump out of the window and walk 1/3 miles back home to get the ID stuff, and come back out to wait for the next train.

I sat there waiting for the conductor to come, so I could paid my train fare.
But lucky me, he never showed up. So I got off at the Jamica station, went to the 1st level, waited in line and got my self a train ticket.

Just before I made my selection on the ticket machine, a woman came up me.

"Excuse me. Can I buy my ticket? My train leaving soon."

I knew that was the exact train I wanted to take, but the machine is so slow, that the woman would probably still missed the train.

If I was in a bad mood, I'd already told her to f**k off. But since I wasn't really in a hurry (I was already going to be late to work) - I stepped back and let the woman get her ticket.

While she was waiting for the receipt, her train left.

After I finally got my ticket, went to platform #3, walked pass that womanw who got the ticket earlier, and then waited for the next train.

Once I got into the city, I went to the store and got myself mini-cereals, soymilk, raspberry danish twist, beef jerkey and a bowl. Since I left my work ID at home, I planned not to leave my office for the entire day. Therefore, I got enough food that will last from breakfast to late afternoon snacks. Plus I had an apple from the day before at my desk.

...Z.z.z.z.z.... oh gosh, this entry is so boring. Let me type something else.

Hrm, something juicy....

I came across this video (I used to love this commercial):

And look, it's Paul Sculfor!! Jennifer Aniston's new man!!


And now, I'm going to present the Asian Eye Candy of the day:

Daniel Phillip Henney

But you must be wondering... Huh? "Henney" doesn't sound Asian. Well, my Daniel is actually an Euro-Asian. I mean, why do You think he's so HOT? He started out as a Fashion Model, then work his way to become one of the popular movoe/tv stars in Korea.


Shigeki said...

Just out of curiosity, didn't you have to use the ID at all for the bathroom break or anything or did you hold it until you were able to leave the office? huh....

Yes, that Asian eye candy is very pretty. But I realized today that I hate asian people in 20s because their skin is so fantabulous.... That's what I realized when i had this dinner with this person from NYC. I hate you guys.

Wayne said...

Shigeki: Ah, our bathroom doesn't have a lock on it! Uh, 20s? ShiShi, I'm like, over the Hill already!!! Plus, SKIN maintenance is very important!! Age may be a factor, but if you maintain it well, you're skin will glow like a baby's butt! (My dad is almost 70, but he looks 40s - he uses skincare day and night)

Sardonic said...

Why do you take the Path train, do you work in New Jersey? Where?


TCho said...

oh there is no way i would have let that woman ahead of me.