Thursday, June 14, 2007

Dancers 4 The Gay Pride NYC June 24th

Dance on the Float!!!!

We will be having our first Audition/Rehearsal tomorrow June 14 Thursday at 2:15pm on the UWS. we are still looking for 2-3 more dancers!!! to perform with an international Artist releasing his Debut dance Single in the USA.

Looking for Professional Dancers Only!!!

20-30 y/o
Must Submit a short Bio/Resume & a picture to:

Gay pride 2007 (Sunday)
Must be available: June 24th from 10am
3-4 rehearsals (if u get it fast less rehearsal)
2 songs
$100 each dancer
Traveling expenses cover.
Pictures and Video for each dancer.
Exposer in-front of 1 million people.

Please confirm as I will have to sigh your name at the Door.


Kindly Yours,


Uh, no. I won't be doing that. But would you? :)


GrooveTheory said...

Honestly Wayne ... can you see me dancing on top of a float? I would DIE of embarrassment.

Angelo said...

You should!!! :)

Shigeki said...

I am too old already. The age requiement is a bitch!!!