Thursday, December 21, 2006

Out of Closet Eye Candy: Charlie David

Charlie David

For those of you who follows Dante's Cove, just be familiar with this stud muffin. If you don't know what "Dante's Cove" is... well, read it up on Wikipedia (with pretty pictures too).

As for myself, I've never watch the show. I'm going to wait a couple more months, until they release one of those Season 1&2 combination DVDs. (Season 1 only has two long episodes. I don't think it can be "considered season 1" at all)

Hrm, what else do I know about Charlie? Oh yeah, he recently just wrapped up filming an indie feature call "A FOUR LETTER WORD." He plays the lead character, and it's filmed in New York. I'm not sure when this film will make it to theaters around you... but... Well, I was an EXTRA on set. There is this AA scene. (AA = Alcoholics Anonymous, recently made famous by Lindsay Lohen) If you watch closely, you will see one of the two lonely Asian AA members... Sitting among the circle. Yep. That was me. I think I only had 0.5 seconds of screen time.

I think he looks major Yummo with the scruffy look.

You can check out his website for video clips and WALLPAPER that you can use!!!!

I came across this website for an indie movie. Looks VERY interesting...

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