Friday, December 08, 2006

Email Sent


All these years, Danni have been expecting Duckie and I to change. He had expressed how we have done certain things wrong, or acted diffrently. He had stressed on the fact that I don't call as much or how Duckie hanging out with his other friends instead of him.

Danni said that since there are more good qualities about me than bad, so he sent that email to express his feeling. He purposely told me that he was in New York, but didn't contact me because it wouldn't made any difference.

Two hours. Doesn't matter if it was two hours or two minutes. I was happy that I was able to see Danni in person in years. But he felt I wasn't giving him enough time. Instead of embracing the moment, he points his finger at me and accusing me of not being a friend.

After all these years that we have been friends. I have never expect him to change. There are no good and bad qualities about him. I liked him for who he is as a whole. If there's something he did that was considered 'bad' - that's just who "Danni" is.

Two nights, I had trouble sleeping. I have been thinking a lot. Then last night, I called Duckie up.

Turned out, that Danni disconnected Duckie 6 months ago. But Duckie was sincere enough to email him, and tell him that no matter what, he's still a friend. And whenver he wants to hang out, Duckie will welcome him with open arms.

For me, I ended my email with:

(My) Life goes on with or without you.

If Danni really understands me, he will know the meaning behind my words.

It is up to his interpretation.

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Jimzy said...


At first, my response was "Brrrrr...."

Well to be fair, I've done what each of you three have done at one time or another, depending on the situation.

Sometimes one does need to write off their old relationships in order to move on for their own mental health. It's called pruning. And sometimes (conversely), one also needs to be understanding of whatever issues through which others are going.
And true, 'Life [does go] on with or without you'.