Monday, May 15, 2006

Celebrity Sighting:

Yesday, at the train station, I saw Chef Harold Dieterle. If you are not sure who he is... Well, he's one of the contestants on Bravo TV's "TOP CHEF" Reality show.
A show that I very much enjoy watching. (Even made me want to learn how to cook delicious dishes...Uh, yeah. Without a microwave.)

So, it was around 7:15pm-ish, as I as rushing to Penn Station, trying to see if I can catch the train home. I had my beautifully sprayed blonde goldie hair, jeans, chains, black shirts and a big shopping bag. (I was filming all day)

As I was running down the stairs, I turned to the time table.


I have 2 Minutes to get down to the platform and get my a$$ on the train.

Quickly, I turned my head and prepared my body into dashing position, then I saw a familiar face in front of me.

The face that I have saw many times whenver I asked myself "If you get to sleep with one of the Top Chef contestants, who would you pick?"



I looked right into his eyes.

And his eyes looked right at my blonde hair. (I know. The hair is like, crazy blond)

But I had no time to waste... I speed and ran around him, and kept going forward like crazy... to catch the train.

As I was running, I wondered if Harold turned his head and watch me running from behind? Was my a$$ look good while I was running?

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