Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Hot Lunch!!!

So Hot Lunch! asked about what it is like to do background works for TV/Film.

One word.


You will be expecting to wait long hours in the waiting area, until you are called to walk around for 20-40 minutes.

Then back to the waiting area.

Once in a while, I'd to Background works - usually during the weekends or week nights after work.

Being Non-Union, it really sucked. Because we don't get paid as much. The treatments we get also suck donkey arse. The union people get to eat early, or better food, while we get crap.

Then you must ask, why doing Background works?

Well... Honey, I was 2 seats away from Anna Paquin and less than 6 feet from Sean Pann. Plus some actors are major hotties. What do you think?

Anyway, my dad is in town. And everyday is like, a feeding fest. My waist size has jumped from 29...uh, who am I kidding... jumped from 32 to 33.5 inches. And the love handles are more visible than ever.


This is not good.

I need to stop eating Twix.

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