Monday, April 10, 2006

The Assembly Line

Seriously, I have never been a fan of jalapeno.

The truth is, I'm not really into SPICY food. So usually, whenever I order my sandwich at Subway, I'd say: "I want everything EXCEPT JALAPENO."

Or simply, "This, This, This, This, and No Jalapeno."

As I have noticed that the Subways have been utlizing the Assembly Line tatics to improve their production service. Where a customer first order the sandwich, one person takes out the bread, cut it in half, hand it over to the next person to toast it, then hand it to the person who would apply the veggies, then passed it to the next person to put dressing on it, then wrap it up in papers... The line ends at the cashier where the customer paid and asked if they want a combo with that.

An assembly line is a manufacturing process in which interchangeable parts are added to a product in a sequential manner to create a finished product. The assembly line was improved largely by Henry Ford and his engineers, Ford was also the first to build factories around the concept. It usually consists of each worker in control of one specific job and their work related movements are reduced to a minimum.

Well - Subway failed my expectation today. They had 6 people standing at the Assembly line.

Worker #1: "Hi Sir. What can I get you?"

Wayne: "Yes. SIX INCH Chicken Teriyaki on toasted Honey Oat please."

Worker #1 grabs the honey oat bread, cut it in half, pour some chicken on it, and hands it to the next person.

Before Worker #2 had the chance to say something...

Wayne: "No Cheese."

Worker #2 slides the bread to Worker #3, where he proceeds to toast the bread.

Once the bread is out of the oven, Worker #3 slides it down to Worker #4.

Wayne: "Everything except Jalapenoe."

Worker #4: "What do you on your Sandwich?"

Wayne: "............. Everything except jalapenos...."

Worker #4 sprinkles some lettice on the bread, then grabbs bell pepper, and then grabs a fist full of jalapenos and moves it over the sandwich.

Wayne: "Wait!!!!! No Jalapenos!!!!"

Worker #4 looks up... paulsed a little...

Worker #4: "Oh, Right."

Worker #4 tosses the jalapenos back into the bin and slides the bread to Worker #5.

Worker #5: "What do you want?"

Wayne: ".... Everything except jalapenos."

Worker #5 grabs sprinkles the sandwich with olives, onions, pickles...and then grabs a fist full of jalapenos."

Wayne: "Wait!!!!! No Jalapenos!!!!!!."

Worker #5, as if she just woke from a daydream, looks at me.

Worker #5: "Sorry."

I fought the urge to throw my shoe at her, but I smiled back instead.

Worker #5 tosses the jalapenos back into the bin.

Wayne: "Sweet Onion dressing please."

Worker #5 reaches down and grabs the bottle with "Sweet Onion" written all over it.

All of the sudden, the bottle slipped from her hand and lands on the sandwich.

She looks up.

Worker #5: "Sorry again."

Wayne: "It's okay. It's still eatable."

Worker #6 grabs the sandwich and wraps double layers of paper around it and shovels it into the plastic bag and throws a huge stack of napkin in it.

Cashier: "Want combo?"

Wayne: "Yes. Combo with two cookies. I want macadamia and raisin oat."

Cashier noddes his head and points to Worker #6.

Cashier: "Two Cookies."

Worker #6, throws another stack of nakpin into the sandwich bag of the customer behind me, looks up at me.

Wayne: "Macadamia and Raisin Oatmeal."

Worker #6 blank-stares at me.

I f**kin' stare back at her.

Worker #6: "What do you want?"

Pointing my finger at the cookie case. I said...

Wayne: "See this? The White Chocolate Macadamia cookie. And that one, the raision oatmeal cookie. Right there, you see it?"

The B*tch reaches for the cookies and threw them into the cookie bag and hands it to the cashier.

The Cashier hands the cookies to me.

Cashier: "Don't forget the soda."


Oh gosh, He's so hot!

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