Wednesday, April 05, 2006

And the RPC said...

This past Sunday, I had another weird experience.

I think it's all about the hair.

Last-last Sunday, I had the ran-in with the guy on the train.

Okay. I can probably blame it on the hair.

But last Sunday, again, I think the Spikey-Sprayed-Glittery-Blonde had drawn more attention then I needed.

The day didn't start on the good note.

First of all, the Spray-In Color thingy was running low. So I rushed to Ricky's.

Wayne: "Excuse me. I'm looking for Spray-In Hair Color."

Girl: "Oh Yes. Try this. It's Metallic Blonde."

For the sake of the film, I spent $11 dollars on a can of Hair Color.

Then on the set, after I manged into my wardrobe, I started to do my hair. I sprayed some of my OLD colors on my spiked hair - then decided to use some of the new Color, just to see how the two blendds.

I popped the cap and start to spray like crazy.

Shocked. Very shocked.

Instead of the Metalic Dye I was expecting... GLITTERS spew out of the opening. There were glitters every where.


OH ME!!!

oh my gosh, how am I suppose to look "TOUGH" being so shining and glittery? I looked more like a party girl.

So I cursed at the Ricky's "If you used it, You can't return it" Policy.

Anyway, life goes on. I went to the set glowing like Tinkerbell.

The other casts were like..."Wayne, what the f**K is going on with you? You are covered in...G L I T T E R!!"

I almost belt out the theme song for GLITTER.

Then I heard the b*tches mummbling...while looking at my direction.

But instead, I asked if they would like to go to Neverland.

You know, "Let me sprinkg you with my glitter, then we can fly we can fly we can fly~"

They gave me a cold look, then we proceed to dust off some glitter off moi.

After we're done with the scene, I went home.

Same ole' routine. Me, subway, Me station, Me on train, then me Home.

While I was on the subway, I noticed these RPC.

(RPC, What is RPC? - Well, I call it the Rice Potato Couple.)

If my G-Dar was right, the Rice is the Top and the Potato is the bottom. But anyway, I stepped onto the train, sat my a$$ down, and chilled out.

They must have really good G-dar as well. They had been keeping an eye on me since I got on the train.

Through the mummbles on the train. I over-heard....

Papata: "Look at that."

Rice: "The Hair....."

Papata: "What a pity..."

PITY MY A$$, YOU A$$HOLES! I screamed in my head.

I had the urge of throwing a bottle of Fairy Dust on them and send them out to Space.

But I maintain my posture and elegance.

"I'm Michelle Kwan. Damn it. I'm Michelle Kwan!!" I told myself.

But it didn't really work. When the train arrived at Penn Station, I gave the two a dirty look, then flew out of the doors.

Me, with THE hair
(And powered by Self-Tanner)

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