Thursday, November 10, 2005

Things Come and Go

Things come and go.
Seasons change.
People grow
The world turns.
But our love remains the same.
Things come and go.
Winter. Summer. Spring and Fall
Through it all.
Our love remains the same

"Things Come and Go" is probably one of my favorite songs by Mya.

Recently, a lot of things have went though mind - But one thing that really struck me like a "wake up" call was the fact, that my life is different than what it used to be.

I think it all started last week, when I saw myself in the mirror... It was cleared that I have aged.


I looked old. - Or, should I say, Older.

I looked older that what I used to see in the mirror.

Was it because I haven't put on my Serum Vegetal UV Defense/Anti-Aging Fluid? Or my Pro-Retinol wrinkle fighting eye cream?

Sometimes, I just had so much things going on in my head, that I didn't get the chance to really look at myself - or analyst what has been happening around me.

I aged. I looked older.

The other night, I was watching a Taiwanese game show with my sister. When the host introduced the guests on the show, we were like..."OH my, he looked so old... Oh my, she changed...Oh.... Oh... Oh..."

One of the guests was, Jolin, suppose to be the "Britney Spears" in Taiwan. When she came onto the screen, I said "Wow, she looks so young and small!!"

Then my sister (The Female Single Bird) said..."Wasn't she born in the 1980's...?"

"Ack. Crap. All the Hot Super Idol stars are born in the 1080's...."

"Damn. We're f**king old."

"Damn right."

"That sux."



Now thinking back...

Aside from the physical changes, things around me also changed.

Elf passed away. My Uncle passed away. The singers that I grew up listening to passed away. My co-worker passed away. My boss' sister passed away.

My friends go married - well, 40% of them - Sooner or later, I'll be getting invitations to baby showers...

My parents already been talking about the life after retirement...

Where they are going to live...

And I have started to think about... What's Next?

Supporting my parents, housing...

Sooner or later, they will probably pop the question:

"Wayne, do you have a Girlfriend? When are you getting married? We want grand-children."





This is life.

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