Friday, November 04, 2005

So You Must Been Wondering...

Just what exactly is F**king going on with me?

Have not been posting much. If when I post, it'd be less than 200 words.

I know. I know. I know. You know.

But that doesn't mean I'm retiring from the world of blogging.

Here is what I've been busy with:

* Work - Argh.
* Looking for a new Job - Argh Argh.
* Excercises - Yeah, been trying to get in shape. Gotta work the bums!
* Comic Books - The female Love bird rented a lot of them. I've finish reading them before she returns them.
* Acting Gigs.

Seems every other day is the same... Nothing exciting happens in Jersey City... Not even one single bathroom tale to tell. Argh.

Oh, so you want to know what Acting gigs that I've been involved?

Well, there is this Student Thesis Project that kinda went Poof. Both leads left the project cause the Director was so bad with scehduling and putting his sh*t together. (He's a nice guy though) - So the writer/director revised the script. At the end, my character went from 'Supporting' to 'Ultimate Villain.'

Just the way I like it.

Did I mention it's an Action film? That means, there are a lot of fight-choregraphy involved.

Yeah, that's one reason I have been trying to get myself in good shape. Aside from that, I get to use weapons (Sais), lots of blood (Halloween blood capsules), and a lovely death scene (Katana thrusted though my chest) - Lovely. Lovely. Lovely.

But no clue when we'll get to finish this film... (still got more scenes to film)

Then there's another Indie film that I was casted to playing a funny guy.

And then there's another film that I was casted to play a Chinese camera man.

Also I was casted in a ultra-secretive film where I get to play a victum.


Yeah... I've been busy...

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