Tuesday, August 09, 2005

It's Summer. You've got to Smell good!

Okay, I know I've rant about this before.

But please.

(No, I'm not talking about Bo Bice)


Not to offend anyone, but after that assault on my nose during my trip to Paris, I have been very sensitive and neurotic about body odors. (Basically, a handsome beautiful cute French Waiter lifted his arm up to reach for the menu, the strange aroma from that boy's armpit made us puke right there)

Like, this morning, on the New Jersey path, I just happened to be sit between two grande ladies. (No. I sat down first, then the two sat next to me at the same time)
And totally, Oh-My-Gawd. Have you had one of those blended Fruit drink? Like Strawberry - Banana, Guava - Passion Fruit, Orange -Mango..etc.
Well, imagine a blend of spoiled egg and sour soy milk. Right. That was it. That was I had to sniff and snuff for 15 minutes.


The entire cart smelled.

Please, if you are going to wear a tank-top, exposing your pits, please at least use a clear-gel deodorant.

And if you don't shave your arms, and don't want to the clear gel to 'glue' your armpit hair together, then use cologne, perfume, or whatever.

This morning, I almost pull out my mini-body mist and host the two women down. (I know. I carry body mist with me during Summer. Just in case if I sweat too much or just needed to smell like a fruity fairy)

Huh? Why didn't I just carry cologne? - Oh please. I don't want to end up like a walking Sephora store. Body mist is not as strong compare to the perfumes.

*ahem* I didn't get to take shower yesterday morning (woke up late) - but even
I have the curtsey to spray body mist all over my body and made sure that I use scented hair gel - so I smell heavenly. Heck, I febrezed my clothes 3 times before I put them on. (Yes. I febrezed my shoes too)
No body was able to tell that I didn't take a shower. No body knew that my back itched like crazy at work. No body noticed that my crotch area was... Uh, never mind. (Ha! I used baby powder!!)

If only there is some floral-scented toilet paper....

Phew, enough ranting. Want to learn more about body odor? Check this out.

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