Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Shamless or Suggestive?

Woman: "Hrm... Nice and Stiff...."

Man: "Just the way you like it."

The woman reached forward and poked the man's tie.

Okay, so I had something else in my mind when I heard the two talking on the train this morning.


Wayne: "Hrm... Nice and Stiff...."

Man: "Just the way you like it."

Wayne reached down and grope the man.

Wayne: "Well, let's put it in good use. Right here. Right now. On the train."

Man: "Not here, there are people watching!"

Wayne: "That's the fun part. Does this turn you on?"

Wayne rubs the Man's Gee-Gee with his thumb.

Man: "Oh Gawd. Oh... Oh please... Don't... Don't STOP!"

Wayne: "What did you say? I didn't hear you."

Wayne stopped the rubbing. Suddenly, the man grabed Wayne's hand and shovel it inside of his pants.

Man: "Don't... Stop..."

Wayne: "As you wish..."

Then I got off the train.

I know. I have been reading too much Romance novels.

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