Tuesday, April 12, 2005

What is SEXy?

Hush now, whose is it
Don't talk, just hit it
I need a little more... than a minute
I wanna pass out... with you in it
Don't stop... baby take it
Deeper... till you break it
Open... cause I need it.
Harder, harder, harder, harder...

I feel your flow
The vibe is so s-e-x-u-a-l
Got me feeling like letting go
Think I'm gonna ride you all night long
Cause this feel so, so, so good... So, so, so good...

Strange, everytime when Coco Lee's track "So Good" was playing on my computer, a co-worker would walk in. Esepcially on-beat on the word "SEXUAL." As if, he/she walked in just to hear that "sexual" part.

Anyway - Yesterday at the subway platform, something caught my attention.

Slender may it be, whoever own that leg must be a supermodel.

I waited to see get more of the complete picture...

Then I saw two pairs of slender legs along with a hoochie-que mini-skirt.

Then all of the sudden, I was distracted by a MODEL-like creature.

(Special thanks to Alex Lundqvist, for making a cameo in today's entry)

I had no choice, but to check that create out from head-to-toe.

I'd probably drooled, but I didn't care. As long as I get to check out that piece of fine a$$ a little bit longer...

Then he disappeared into the crowd.

Recovering from the sudden distraction, I turned my head back to the staircase.

At this time, the woman had finally came down. The end of her pony-tail dangles as she took her last step onto the floor.

Aside from the black boots and vinyl mini-skirt. She also had a modern-cut vinyl jacket.

Sheesh, she thinks she's Trinity?

I moved my eyes up, just to see if this woman also had a pair of sun glasses to completed the "Matrix" look.




Something wasn't right.

This woman had mustache.

And goatee.

And side-burns.

An, this lady is a man.

Cos the lady is a MAN, he's a vixen not a tramp
He's a dadadadada da da
Come on fellas raise your bets cos you ain't seen nothing yet
He's the top of the top~ he's the best~

I must admit. I was a bit startled.

I mean, those Vinyl Go-Go Boots were very HOT!

Came across this picture while searching for Alex Lundqvist photos...

Thus reminded me how I used to have a mad crush on Mark Vanderloo... (You know, the guy on the DKNY ads)

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