Monday, April 11, 2005

Deep Deep Sleep

Some of you might have read my past entries, that I usually sleep on the Railroad to and from work to home. (There are times where I would read a bunch of romance novels)

Just like this morning. After I secured a seat on a three-seater, I leaned against the window and went into my deep-sleep mode. At one stop, an old man in his late 50s got onto the train and sat on my three-seater. Leaving an empty seat between us.

I opened up my eyes a little bit and caught a glimp of the old man, then I drifted to my very own La La Land.

At the Jamica station, a lady got onto the train.

"Excuse me." She said.

The old man woke from his nap, stood up, and let the lady took the middle seat.

Both of them sat down.

Then I closed my eyes...


Who knew how long it had been, but I opened my eyes again. I looked out of the window... And everything seems to be moving slowly.

I turned to the left, and saw the lady reading a book.

Then old man had his eyes closed. - Probably was napping.

I yawned.

I opened up my bag, and took out the gummie bears that I bought over the weekend.

The lady seemed to be distracted by my sensual chewing action.

But again, like I cared.

I continued to chew until the train arrived at the station.

The lady, as if, she was nervous or something, stood right up.

The old man woke but remained on the seat.

I sat quietly until people started to move out of the door.

The old mand stood and got out.

The lady moved forward and head directly to the door.

I got up, and noticed there were a lot of liquid on the ground.

Water? Leakage?

As I move myself out of my seat, I noticed the seat where the old man sat was wet.

It wasn't wet this morning.

But only his seat was wet. The seat where the lady sat was dry.


I carefully move myself out of the three-seater and swan-flew right out of the train.

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