Wednesday, February 23, 2005

When you have too much time...

In the morning, that is.

Out of the blue, I woke up earlier than my usual time. Therefore, after I took the shower, I was left with plently of time to get ready.

Why don't I eat some breakfast before I leave?

I remembered that we have some left-over donuts that the Male Love Bird bought couple days ago. Instead of spending money buying breakfast at work, I decided to eat a donut at home.

Why not take some of them to work... For lunch?

Oh yeah, since I really need to stop spending any more money, I decided to take some donuts to work.

I got a little plastic lunch bag out of the kitchen and stuffed it with 3 honey-glazed donuts.

Looking at the clock, and saw that I still had some time.

So, I sat on the sofa, sip my English Breakfast tea, chew on my donut... And enjoy a moment of peace and quiet.

Then it was time for me to go.

I dumped the plate and the cup into the kitchen sink. Grabbed my coat and bag and put on my nice leather boots. Before I walk out of the door, I put a thin layer of chapstick (no, not lip gloss) on my lips.

I stepped out and closed the door shut.

I twisted the door knot, making sure it was locked.

Then I realized that I've left my keys on my desk.


Oh well, at the Female Love Bird will open the door later tonight.

So I rushed to the train station.

Walked up the ramp and saw that the train had already stopped at the station. I pickedup my speed and ran.

Then I realized that I've left my Metro Card (for Train and Subway) at home. Along with my work ID.


Oh well, I'll just have to buy the ticket on the train. (For those of you who are not familiar with New York Long Island Rail Road, it costs extra if you purchase the tickets ON the train)

I got into a cabin, sat myself down, and slept.

"Tickets Please." Said the conductor.

"To Penn Station." I said to her, and pulled out my wallet.

"That would be $11.00"

SH*T WHAT THE F**KIN' F**K F**K SH*TTY EXPENSIVE SH*T!!! I screamed in my head.

I gave the bills, and she gave me the ticket.

Then I slept through the rest of the train ride.

At the Penn Station, I had to wait in line to purchase my subway card. And I was lucky enough, the person in front of me didn't know how to use a credit card. Instead of sliding the credit card in-and-out really fast, he just stuck the damn card in the machine and waited.

"Sir, you have to pull it out really fast." I said.

He looked at me, blinked his eyes, and turned back.

Sh*T, he doesn't understand me.

"Sir, insert it and pull it out FAST." I hand gestured as if I was paying by credit card.

He looked at me, turned back, and pulled his credit card out.

He inserted the card back in, and waited 5 seconds, then he pulled it out.

"Sir, fast. Fast. Like, One-Two-Out. Less than a second fast."

He turned, pulled his card out and pressed the "Cancel" button.

Then he started from the beginning of the selection menu.

I took a deep breath in, and deep breath out.

And waited.

The man inserted his credit card into the slot, and pulled it out slowly. The ticket machine continued to give him the error message.

Then a woman behind me yelled..."You can buy the tickets at the ticket booth. The ticket lady will help you."

The guy pressed the "Cancel" button and went to wait in the mega long line at the ticket booth.

Skilled like an old-New Yorker, I pressed the button, and pressed and slided my card and pressed and Done. I got my card and receipt within 5 seconds.

Dashed up the stairs, knocked a guy out of my way to get into the subway train. And roade to downtown.

Because I left my work ID at home, I ended up wearing a "Visitor" badage on my shirt.

I got to my desk, sat down and opened my bag.

That's when I realized...

Crap! I left the donuts at home.

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