Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Bad Bad Bad (Update)

Just recently, my dear friend Petboy experienced a hate crime. Only because he has a tiny rainbow flag sticker on his car, that someONE (or group of haters) decided to write "GAYS" and "F*GS" all over car's the windshield and passenger side windows with a black permanent marker.


Damn it.

This was so not cool!!! My blood boils whenever I think of PetBoy's experience.

Personally, I've never experience anti-Gay hate crimes.. Mainly because I have been keeping myself rather low-profile in the real world. (Who would imagine me being the ultra flamming princess in the cyber space?)

The only hate crimes that I have experienced was mainly racial issues. I've been picked on several times during 5th - 7th grade for being part of the 2% Asian population in the school. Now thinking back, I can probably give myself a "B+" on how I got myself out of those situations.

Fifth grade was the worst - as we all know that some kids can be really cruel. (Assuming that they haven't learn how to feel compassion toward the others.)

My very first hate crime, was being spit on by some rotten kid. The f**king spit landed on the back of my collar. (He spit from behind, as I was tying my shoelaces)

I didn't speak a single word of English back then.

So, like a young b*tch learning how to walk for the first time, I chased after the kid with all my might.

We ran non-stop until the Lunch Break Bell rang. He ran to his class like an a$$ with 4 wheels.

I stopped.

Pissed. (Right. I went to Men's room)

But couldn't do anything about it. I couldn't form words on what to tell my instructor... I didn't even know the kid's name.

Anyway, back to nice and sweet PetBoy. I'm ready to form a swap team to totally track down who ever did that to PetBoy (single and available) Car --- Waiting for Karma to happen takes too long... I want to nail those haters now....NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW!!


*Pulls out the sword, like She-Ra, The Princess of Power, waves it like a rabid b*tch on crack*


********Random Note********
Last night, before going to bed... My iolite chip bead bracelet decided that it was its time to say goodbye... So the string that connects the iolite chips came loose... My bed was covered by scattering iolite chips.

Sad; I gathered all the chips up with my hand and place them in a velvet pouch.

I hope this is not a bad omen.


OH MY GAWD! Just when I was doing a search on Xena's famous warcry... I found out that Kevin Todd Smith... The sexy actor who played Ares - the God of War (my favorite villan and ultimate fantasy) in the series passed away 3 years ago!!!

Wahhh... I think I'm going to cry my eyes out~~~

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