Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Wayne's Fairy Tale

I'm currently reading Peter Cashorali's Fairy Tales, and was so inspired... That I've decided to write my own!!

A long time ago, in the magical Queendom of Sylard, lived a very rich merchant and his three daughters. The merchant's wife had passed away from Rabies infection. Who knew dancing and singing with wild animals in the forest would be dangerous? Unable to raise the three young daughters on his own, the merchant hired different nannies to take of them during the day. And to take care of him at night.

Mahalia, the oldest daughter, who answered her 5th grade teacher: "The first mommy that I've ever known, died. Then after I turned 8, I have different mommy every day. I even lost track of their names." swore that she will never discuss her mother(s) to anyone outside of the family. Being the oldest and the smartest of the daughters, she quickly learned the family trades and became her father's business partner. At the age of 18, she became the most famous business woman in the Queendom.

Serophia, the second oldest daughter, is the prettiest of all three. She never had the interest in the family business, nor did she care for maintaining a steady income for the family. Perhaps, she was so well-taken care of, and loved by many in the Queendom, she didn't know how life is like for the poor.

The younger daughter’s name was Dorothea. On her 15th Birthday, she requested to have a Birthday picnic in the forest. All night, she partied with the wild animals. Then following her mother's path, she died from Rabies. She never gets to celebrate her sweet 16.

One day, the merchant received a meeting invitation from the Kingdom of Escardia. The King wanted to discuss the trading welfare among the Kingdom/Queendoms. However, the merchant was recovering from genital herpes break-out (Thank you Fash, for correction my fobby mistakes). Riding a horse or sitting in a carriage would cause too much pain in his groin area. So, he asked Mahalia to think of a solution.

The smart Mahalia, didn't feel like traveling, decided to let her sister to take on the task.

Mahalia knocked on Serophia's door.

Serophia, who was combing her long golden hair in front of her ivory dresser.

"Who is this?"

Mahalia replied: "Who else?"

Serophia got up, and opened the door.

Mahalia smiled at Serophia while entering the room.

Everything was the same since the last time she snuck into Serophia's room. Pink wardrobe stood next to the pink beaded curtain. Pink tropical prints lamp shades stood tall on the rosewood cadenza. Serophia sat back on her floral patterned mattress with pink velvet lining on the edge. She leaned her back against her On Hello-Kitty toy collection.

Mahalia: "Serophia, father couldn't make it to the business meeting tonight. I have to stay home to conduct the phone conference with our international clients. Can you take father's place and attend the meeting in Escardia?"

Serophia: "But Mahalia, I've never gone outside of the Queendom. I'm afraid that I will loose my way."

Mahalia: "I will draw you a map and give you directions. The trip shouldn't take longer than 2 days. You will be fine. At the meeting, just sit and look pretty. Take notes if you want, but it's not necessary. The King of Escardia only requests our presence to make his meeting presentable. We are not doing any business there."

Serophia: "But..."

Mahalia: "You *have* to go."

Serophia: "Okay..."

So, Mahalia called the Yellow Carriage Service and arrange a trip to Escardia while Serophia packs her suitcase in her room.

Soon after, Mahalia waved goodbye at Serophia from outside Yellow Carriage.

Let out a breath, the nervous Serophia lead her back against the seat... Wondered what the world is like outside of Sylard.

All of the sudden, she remembered something.

She opened her purse and shovels the things around.

"It's not here!"

She wanted to scream, but that would be too embarrassing. She wanted to ask the Carriage driver to stop, but was afraid Mahalia will be pissed to see a returning carriage.

But it was too late. There's no turning back now.

She covered her teary face with her hands, as she regrets that She... had left her nose-hair trimmer at home.

To be continued.

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