Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Wayne's Fairy Tale III

The Sun shined on Serophia's long beautiful hair as she walked toward the east. Behind her, Adam laid faced down with a stiletto stuck in his a$$.

She kicked his a$$.

Rather, she shoveled her foot up Adam's a$$.

Just about she started to pick up speed; she heard an "Ayiyiyiyiyi" noise coming from above.

Trees shaken, leaves dropped. A top-less man landed from above. Fair golden brown hair, rosy cheek, and a sleek bronze tan. The stranger who stood in front of Serophia is definitely a stud.

"What are you? Tarzan?" Serophia eyed the stranger's leopard-printed mini-hot shorts.

"No. I'm Steve. And what have you done to my honey sugar baby Adam?"

"............" Serophia remained speechless.

"Sweet-Heart!" yelled Adam, who crawled back on his feet.

Steve rushed to Adam's side, and helped him up.

"What happened? Did this witch attack you?" Steve asked nervously.

"Watch it!" Serophia snared.

"She..." Adam opened his lips... But the words stopped.

Adam actually enjoyed what Serophia did to his a$$. But he was too embarrassed to admit it. Especially in front of his beloved Steve.

"She... She was teaching me a new trick." Adam finished the sentence.

"With the stiletto?!" Steve asked.

"She... Had to use it. She's not as big and strong and powerful as you..." Adam blushed.

Steve wrapped his arms around Adam..."Awe, my cutie pumpkin pie~"

Adam: "I wuv you~"

Steve: "I wuv you more~"

Adam: "Nuh-Uh, I wuv you more."

Steve: "Nuh-Uh, I wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuve you moooorrreee!"

Adam felt the urge to head back home so he can spend some quality time with Steve.
He gave Steve the lustful eye.

Steve winked.

Adam: "Let's go home... But I didn't find any..."

Steve: "It is okay, baby, I borrowed the KY JELLY from Jane."

Adam: "Nice. Let's do it!"

Steve: "Yeah!"

Serophia, felt out of place, decided to leave the two cuddly honey bees alone. But just before she walk away, she remembered that she needed help to get out of the forest.

"Wait. Hold on!" She said.

The two men looked up to her.

"I... I need help. I really need help. I need to get out of the forest."

"Where do you want to go?" Asked Adam, who felt that he needed to return her favor.

"The Kingdom of Escardia." replied Serophia.

"Can you help her, Honeycomb?" Adam looked at Steve.

"For you, Sugar, Anything." Steve whispered into Adam's ear.

Steve put his fingers into his mouth and whistled.

A bluebird flew from the sky and landed on Steve's shoulder.

Steve spoke birdie tongue to the bluebird.

The bluebird nodded.

Then Steve turned to Serophia.

"Follow the bluebird. He will lead you out of the forest."

She thanked them and watched Adam and Steve danced their way back to their hut.

The bluebird Peeped, and signaled Serophia to follow.

Picking up speed, she followed the bird.


At the Tarzan Hut...

"Hrm, she's got good taste." Steve mumbled.

"What do you mean?"

"She likes Escada."

"What Escada?"

"Did she want to go to the local Escada store?"

"No! She wanted to go to Escardia!" Adam panicked.

"Oops. Well, should we go back?"

Adam thought for a second, and then said..."Nah. Screw her. Let's have sex."

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