Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Rachel, poinsettias are not poisonous. At least, I haven't blame them for the hives.. However, they are more like "bald" poinsettas now, because I have plugged all the leaves from the plant. So the plants can really focus their energy and water to stay alive under extreme HOT air-conditioner. (The heater at my office finally started to work. Miracles do happen!)

Anyway, some of you may have noticed, that I have two power-beads bracelets on my left wrist.

Power Beads

Maybe it's Feng Shui or that I felt the need for natural healing... After decorading my room with all Positive Energies gagets, I felt the need to decorate myself.

(Huh? What are the stones of my bracelets? One of them is Labradorite and the other is Unakite beads)

I found the two bracelets to be quite butch. Since the color of the stones are muddy brown.

Ever since I started wearing them, I've noticed that people at work look at me different. Often, they would glence down from my left, and then to the right wrist.

Oh, wait. That's right. My right wrist. Aside from the charcol fiber 'hair-band' --- I also have the deep red garnet-chip (My birth stone) bracelet. Next to it, I have the ultra fabulous Iolite bracelet that shines with feminine purple shade.


Oh, like that's going to prevent me from going to work with the fem-fem glow. I'm already glowing without the gem stones. (Glowing from the glitter, that is.)

You may be thinking: "Does crystal/stone healing works?"

I dunno.

One thing I do know, is whenever I feel stressed or upset, I would fondle my rocks... I mean, I would look at the little Green/Purple fluorite stone at my desk... Then as if sucked all the negative energy out of me, I ended up feeling so much better. (I have a bunch of fluorites... No clue, but I love the color!)


So, what's next? Hrm, probably creating my very own Rose Quartz beauty mask.

Rose Quartz Skull

(This is a stone of gentle warmth and love, as it heals emotional wounds and pain with it's gentle calming salve. Opens the heart to the beauty within and all around us, and will begin its healing by reducing resentments. Believed to prevent wrinkles and encourage a beautiful complexion.)

Right. I'm a Nut.

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