Saturday, January 29, 2005


Have you ever wonder, why when you order steam bums or dumplings at Sim Sum, they always serve them in four?

Because when you put four rice cakes together...

We eat.

(This mysterious strawberry lips belongs to him)

We eat like no one else.

(And this is Kimchi)

And we talk about sh*t while eating.

(And the cherry lip lips belongs to this charming man)

Then we drink.

We drink bubble teas.

Oh, look! He serves with a smile!!

Talk about Hot Smurfs.

Oh Jon, you look so cute in this picture. And yes guys, he was smiling.

With a brief reference to The Princess of Power.

This mysterious Charming Man leaves you lots of fantasies... Doing it on the table, under the bubble tea table or in the public restroom?

And some Turkish Wreslters

And More...

The Green Blood Sipping Ancient Chinese Mosquito

I had a blast hanging out with the fab 3.


As for the unsolved mystery:

The Wonder Twins

Riye... They are just straight version of the Ambiguous Gay Duo.

Oh yes, and a special shout-out to our Goddess:

(Yes. I admit it. I photoshoped (whiten) my teeth. *cough* Robert, it's your fault.)


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