Wednesday, January 05, 2005

The Panic Room

Aside from the mini-Zen Garden that I have on my desk, I've added some new stuff to my office to enhance the Feng Shui of my working environment.

I'm not sure why, but ever since the day after Christmas, I have been going quite "psycho" --- Feeling rather uneazy about everything. There have been so many death recently, that emotionally, I have a bit on the unstable-side.

Next to my Jade Turtle, I have a rainbow-shaded castle... Surrounded by sea shells. Across from it, sat the Feng Shui Bunny holding its crystal ball. Inside of the bunny, I've placed a clear quartz point to absorb the negative energy. (I also have a half-Amethyst sitting next to my monitor) To a gay-er extend, I got a "Mori No Sasayaki" (Whisper of the Woods) that plays the sounds of nature every 10 minutes. So far, I haven't had any complains from people working around me. Soon, I will have a Retro Room Aquarium next to it.

Adding to my collection, is the new Cordless Tranquility Fountain and the two pressure-point magnetic massagers... And... And... On my wrist, I have a Charcoal Fiber-fused wrist band, to promote blood circulation.


I'm going Koo-Koo.

(What? What I have in my room? Well, let's just say there's a lot of Magnetic Forces going on)

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