Friday, October 22, 2004

Then Came the Giggle

Holding each other's arm, a man stepped into the Long Island Rail Road train with his date. Long Curly hair and crystal sapphire eyes, she looked at the man with a grin on her face.

They walked down toward the end of the cabin, sat on the double seat. She leaned her back against the window, one of her legs rested on the man's lap. He wrapped one of his arms around her waist, so whenever he felt the need to peck her, he would pull her close.

Being in her mid-30's, her curvy full-bloom body really displayed a great amount of sexiness underneath the red tropical-printed dress. The V-neck top held her cleavage at the right place. Whenever she moved forward, they would rub against the man's arm.

Exactly what she intended to do.

She giggled. He laughed. Then she cupped his face with her hands. He looked at her shimmer deep violet lips... He knew they were ready to be licked. She reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck. With her nails that resemble strips of red hot peppers, she scratched him softly on the back of his neck.... Leaving pink trail of some kink.

He moaned softly.

Her face was flushed with the combination of alcohol and passion. She teased him a light peck on the lips. Then, grabbing her with both of his arms, he pulled her close and turned the light kiss into a game of tongue wrestling.

Another couple, younger by a few years, sat in the seat in front of them. And noticeably, they were uncomfortable with the giggling sound coming from behind. Perhaps, they have heard more than just the giggle. The young woman, stood up, holding her boyfriend's hand, and moved to another cabin.

The lustful couple paid no attention to the two. They continued their deep lip-lock while exploring each other's body with their hands. Her hand reached into the man's shirt... As he traced his hand from her ankle to her inner thigh. Then she let out a gentle sigh... Her body trembled as she lifted her hip up and spread her legs wider apart. He, one hand behind her waist, and the other buried inside of the floral skirt, focused his eyes on the woman's expression.

As if he was tuning a radio, he twisted, turned, and thrust his finger at the button to get the best reception.

The woman in red let out another moan. The sound of passion.

The man sat up and moved in between her legs. His right arm had moved from her waist to her back. Without moving his tuning hand, he lowers his face into the woman's neck. Lust has taken over his mind. The joy he brought to the woman had made him very excited.

His arm started to move more aggressively in her skirt.

Then all of the sudden, she pressed her hand down on the man's arm. STOP, she signaled.

The motion inside of her skirt stopped.

She leaned her head back, and let out a sigh.

Then she sat up, straight on her chair. He adjusted his position, with his back against the seat. In the moment of silence, she let him held her hand as she drifted deeply to sleep. He, on the other hand, had his eyes focused on her chest, until he too, felt tired. Eventually, he closed his eyes and calls the sleep upon him.

Diagonally behind the two sleeping couple, sat a blushing Asian Blogger; He saw everything from the reflection on the glass window.

"I've got to blog about this!" He reminded himself, before him too; fell asleep on the handicap seat.

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