Friday, October 01, 2004

Fat A$$

Memory from 5th Grade:

Girl 1: "Who is that Fat A$$?"

Girl 2: "Oh, that's one."

Girl 1: "Damn. Look at the Fat A$$."

Girl 2: "Yeah."

Wayne turns around, and said: "It's not my butt. It's the pants. It's a BIG pants."

Memory from 7th grade:

At the play ground, Wayne was sitting on top of the "Monkey Bar."

Wayne looked down. "AH!"

Two girls walked away in the speed of light.

Wayne: "Don't touch my butt!"

Memory from 9th Grade:

In a busy Hallway, where all the students got out of their class.

Wayne: "Who the H*LL just touch my a$$?!"

Memory from 10th Grade:

In a busy Hallway, the student got ouf the last class of the day.

Wayne turned around.

"If I ever catch you touching my butt, I will kill you. I will! Damn it!!"

Memory from College:

At Europhia, a coffee shop in Hillcrest, San Diego...

SmartMonkey and others were sitting at another table chatting.

Wayne, felt the need to join them... Jumped on top of his table in order to move to the other side.

Then, all of the sudden, the table broke in half.

Wayne landed on the ground, looked back in shock.


Danni laughed out loud.

Everyone else laughed with him.

"Damn, You broke the table with your Fat A$$!"

And the thing is, my butt isn't that big.

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