Thursday, September 30, 2004

The Other Experience

Thinking back, there is one other time where I had a cast on me. It was during the 6th grade, when I was still in my tender innocent young body. Ahem, I know, it's gross, but I was really innocent back then.

P.E. aka Physical Education class has never been one of my favorite course in school. I was never a physically fit person. I have always been the last person to be picked on the Basket ball team. Not jus that, even on football, I had to settle for the role of "Water Boy." (Brag Time: I was the 5th to the last to be picked on the Soccer Team though. They were surprised how hard I can *Kick* --- without the heels, of course)

Finally, one day, instead of doing any of the sports, the instructor was showing us how to 'flip' over the pull-up bar. (Like what the gymnasts do) First, we swing, and then swing some more, and then snap-pop, we lift our legs up and swing it over the bar, press our tummy firmly against the bar, and let momentum carry our body over the bar. The weird thing is, most of the girls in the class were able to do it, but only ONE person in the Boys team could do it. Because we will be graded on this... We had to master this move.

During the lunch time, I went to the pull-up bars, and start practicing. While on my first try, I noticed a girl from my P.E. class was near. She was looking at me.

I looked back.

She was watching me.

She must be wondering if I could do the flip or not.

The Asian Pride and my self-esteem kicked in. I increased my speed... and swing as hard as I could.

All of the sudden, my sweaty palm betrayed me... At that instant, my body flew away from the bar... Away from the plastic padding on the ground...

My left arm landed on the ground before the rest of my body.

The girl ran toward me..."Wayne!? What were you doing?!"

Follow by other kids at the playground, they came surrounded me.

"Are you okay? Are you okay?"

My body was in pain. I couldn't speak at the time. All I knew was that my body was trembling.

"Uh.... Uh..." was the only sound I could make out of my lips.

Then the nurse came with two other instructors... She placed some plastic stuff around my wrist, while the others lift me up to the ground. The nurse than placed my broken watch in my pocket.

"Come on; let's get you back to the office."

And the end of the day, I fractured my left wrist. My parents didn't know what to say. They could only shake their heads and told me..."Don't show off next time."

The next day, returning to the class, everyone pretended that nothing happened. But behind my back, they were talking about how I was showing off to the girl, and ended up with a broken wrist.

Damn it. I wasn't even into her.

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