Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Propecia needs Help

Oh my Gawd. I got the same letter that Hot Toddy received on Sept. 07, 2004.
And it broke my heart after I read it.

Dear WaterSea's Ocean Bloggie:

My name is Propecia Newberg, and I am 6 years old. I was taken from my family by a band of pirates and am told that they will not let me see my mommy and daddy unless you help. Can you please put a special link on your site to help me find my way home? If enough people click this button, I know the pirates will let me go.


Please do your part! Click on the link below and follow the instructions. Propecia is counting on you.

Vote for this site at Freedom Forum

H*LL, if enough people click on the damn button, I'd post streammming video of me dancing.

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