Tuesday, September 07, 2004


Time: Morning
Location: The Kitchen/Snack Room @ Work
Casts: Wayne, Sean, and special cameo by the sectary of another department.

Wayne: "Good Morning."

Sean: "Hey, Good Morning."

Wayne: "How was your weekend?"

Sean: "Great. I went upstate with my family."

Wayne: "That's nice."

Sean: "And wet too fast."

Wayne: "That's why I'm here. Caffeine. I need lots of it."

Sean took his cup off the automatic coffee brewer and went to the fridge.

Wayne placed his mug on the brewer.

Wayne: "Hmmm... Hazel Nut."

Sean, who stood in front of the open fridge.

"Where's my homo milk?"

Wayne woke up suddenly...."HOMO Milk?!"

Sean: "Homogenized milk. Why, what were you thinking?"

Wayne: "Milk extracted from gay cows."

Sean: "They will have to be lesbian cows. Remember, milk comes from female cows."

Wayne: "Oh wow. I'd like to see some Lesbian cows."

Then, the sectary from another department walked into the kitchen, got her a cup of water, then walked out.

Sean: "You must have been a good boy. Your wish got granted instantly."

Wayne: "Ack. That's not nice!! Besides, her milk would be poisonous."

Sean: "Yuck. Don't give me any ideas."

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