Thursday, August 05, 2004

The Elves and the Shoemaker

If you have never read the story, The Elves and the Shoemaker, you can read it by clicking on the picture above.

So, why posting an entry on the Elf story? Well, let me explain.


Oh, sorry. I'm kinda tired. But anyway, this morning, after I walked into the office... I quickly noticed something. Something's not right. (I'm very sensitive with my territory)

On the right shelf, my usual X-men little bubble head figures, magically, all stood up on their feet.

Jaw dropped. I went up to the shelf and inspect each little figure.

How in the world could these cheap-rubber-made-50-cents-twisted-shaped figures possibly stand on a flat surface?!

Then, Mr. Cyclops pointed out that one of his foot, is stuck on a 2-sided tape.

All of the figures were taped up.

WHO? Who did it?! I don't have any double sided tape!!!

I placed my bag on the ground on the ground, and then quickly saw that my little plant had been tipped over.

WHO? Who did it? Who knocked my plant?!

I went and fixed the plant in place... Then sat myself down.

While typing in my log-in ID and password, I noticed that someone had nicely, placed my plastic bags around the corner of my table. Nicely stacked.

GASP?! Even my MOM won't do this for me!!

And the paper tissues that were scattered around my desk had been nice folded together.

My pencil box got pushed back against the side of the computer, right next to my mirror.

MIRROR! It was behind my Telephone! Now it's next to my Pencil Box!!!

As for the paper clips where were wrapped inside of a dirty plastic bag, they had been dumped out, and was placed inside of a clean plastic little try.


After seeing the gorgeous EVILL-WEE (Legolas, eat your heart out).. I soon realized that the Elves must have done it.

Yes. The Elves.

Those nice little elves came about my desk and did all these nice things for me.


See, that's the strange part. I don't believe I have been a Good Boy this year. (Heck, I was never a Good Boy) And it was too early for Christmas. What have I done to deserve all these goodies?

Okay, so the Pixies done it.

Or was it that I offered the flower-bowl candies to the cleaning lady last night?

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