Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Subway Tale - The Man with the Big...

Hello from the new office, everyone. Sorry, I have been slacking of on my blog entries as well as reading YOUR bloggies. B-Z as hella here. Uh Uh Uh!

Nerveless, I'm still alive and Voguu'in.


The train was packed with people. Probably due to another signal problem or disabled train. But by the time I arrived at the Penn Station (I was in the [C] train), mountain of people were standing at the platform.

Pushing and squeezing though the people, I managed to get out of the door (without touching anyone's butt) before the crowd rushed in.

As I was heading toward the stair, I spotted a handsome man with green-eyes, dirty blonde hair, and THAT athletic body. (I'd say, he's probably around Mid 20's, 5'8, 155lbs)

On his back, he was carrying one of that heavy-weight big big big camping backpack... Filled all the way to the top. The bag is as big as Doraemon!! His right hand (Oh, Masculine Arm!), was holding onto a BIG Golf bag. (Okay, so this man comes with baggages)

So, there he was, at the edge of the platform. He got himself though the door, but the backpack and the golf bag were 1/5 way though. The train was packed... Stuffed with people. Men and Women mixed all together. Body to body, shoulder to shoulder and butt to butt. I have not seen a train so jam-packed with humans before. And that beautiful looking man was forcing himself against the human-cake. Pushing and more pushing. He forced his entire body into the wall of people... Trying to get in.

"Please stand behind the closing doors."


The doors closed.

But bounced right open as the edge of the door got in contact with HIS bags.

The man pushed further.

"Please stand behind the closing doors."


The doors closed.

But bounced right open as the edge of the door got in contact with his shoulder.

A woman next to me, who have been watching the scene with me, yelled..."It's not going to work. You have to step out."

The man pulled his golf bag into the train as much as he could.


"Please stand behind the closing doors."

The doors started to close in... But again, once they hit the golf bag, they bounced right open.

"Excuse me, you need to get off the train. The train cannot leave until all doors are closed." Another woman's voice sounded from behind.

The man, as if he didn't heard anything. Continued to push his body against the wall of passengers.

Looking at the man, with his bags sticking out of the... I wanted to help him... Like, thrust kick him deeply into the train...

But then again, I thought that I shouldn't bother with it. I got my own rail road to catch.

Down the stair, I could still hear the "Ding. Please stand behind the closing doors." automatic announcement from the train.

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