Thursday, July 15, 2004

Bag of Goodies

In the later afternoon, Wayne walks though the front door and entered the lobby.

Meg: "Wayne!"

Wayne: "Hi Meg. Back from Lunch?"

Meg: "Oh, Yeah!!"

Meg looked down and saw the little plastic back in Wayne's hand.

Meg: "You went to Duane Reade? (Duane Reade is like the Sav.on in the West Coast - you know, the #1 Drug-store thingy.)

Wayne: "Uh..."

Meg: "Ah, Did you ever find that cheap store I told you?"

Wayne: "Yeah, Yeah, Of course. I bought a few things there already."

Meg: "Yeah, great discount stuff. Duane Reade is so expensive!! They charge twice as much!!"

Wayne: "Well, yeah. I bought some table wipe the other day. Only 99 cents."

Meg: "See, I told ya. You should have gone."

Wayne looked down at his Duane Reade plastic bag.

Wayne: "Next time."

Meg: "Cool. Well, I've gotta get going. Talk to you later!"

Wayne: "Bye Meg."

Meg walked out of the double door.

Wayne returned to his desk; put the little plastic bag on the floor...

The little bag had the following:

Clairol Herbal Essences Balancing Shampoo - Travel Size
Infusium 23 Leave-in Conditioner/Treatment - Travel Size
Bath and Body Works Bio Firm Hold Hairy Spray (with Comfrey and Thyme) - Travel Size
Green Bean Facial Cleanser
The Body Shop "For Men" Aftershave Gel
Colgate Shave Cream - Travel Size
BiC Twin Select Shaver

Yes. That's right. Wayne didn't go to Duane Reade. He had a mini grooming session in the Men's Room.

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