Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Rude Back

After departing from meeting with the cutie Guru and his fabulous friends, I went down to the subway platform.

Physically tired (Thanks to the lovely work and... Late Night video-game play) - and feeling sick, I was walking with my eyes half-closed.

In deed, I was burning all the energy that I had in my body. (Burn, baby, Burn!)

With the big OLD NAVY bag in my hand, and a ripping Kenneth Cole bag around my shoulder (Ripping, yeah. It's falling apart. I put too much stuff in the bag) - I stroll down the underground tunnel to the [S] train. (It's the shuttle that links Grand Central to Penn Station)

Down the tunnel, I saw a woman walking toward in an amazing speed from the opposite direction. (Probably in her late 40's, 5'6", 210 lbs, Latina, with dark brown hair) Even with two shopping bags in her hands, they didn't seem to be slowing her down.

She must be in a hurry. I thought.

Just when I was about to step to my right to make room for her....  She glared at me and yelled..."GET OUT OF MY WAY!!!"

Empowered by my rather unusual butch-looking clothes (I was wearing this shirt with this pair of jeans) and newly buzzed hair, I glare back at her and said "F**K OFF!!"

Her face changed from a hungry wolf to a rabbit in shock.

She then walked around the people next to her and went off to her own business.

Moral of the Story:

Don't ever let anyone interrupt your fabulous catwalk.

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