Friday, July 09, 2004

And He's Guru

I ran and I ran and I ran and I ran.

Being 2 hours late wasn't my usual thing.

I mean, even a Diva won't be *that* late, or else, she'd be saying goodbye to her career in no time.

2 hours.

From what his text message read, it seemed that he will sit there and wait and wait and wait and wait.

"Excuse me, to which way is 8th Avenue?"

The soldier boy with crystal blue eyes replied..."That way. Toward the Movie Theater"

"Thank you!!"

One hand held onto my cell phone, and the other on the belt. I ran toward 8th Ave.


I stopped. Looked back.

"Damn it!"

I stepped back, bent my body and picked up my bottle of anti-acids.

Upon zipping up my bag, I resumed my running.

Gurustu, is probably pissed...




We hugged each other. :-)

Guru looks exactly as described on his website.

And he was totally cool - especially with me being late. (Maybe patience comes with age? J/K!)

Then we walked and walked and walked and walked and walked.

Then we had dinner.

(Special thanks to PA001, for giving me directions to the Good Restaurant)

Then we walked around. (Gotta walk the tummy off)

And took some pictures...

(Note: The 2nd rainbow teddy bear on the lower left corner has the same eye-color as Stu!! And the 1st rainbow teddy bear has dark eyes like mine!)

Then we had desert.

And took some pictures...

And like, totally, my motor mouth was at its prime. I just couldn't stop talking.

It was a fun night. It was a great night.

And Guru is such a muy nice guy. That's why I gave him a SMOOCH when we departs at Penn Station. (Oooh, Scandalous!)

And I look forward to see him again next week. (We gonna go clubbing!!)

PS. Did I mention that Guru's chest... Is very Bouncy?

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