Thursday, June 24, 2004

Pride This Weekend

Well, the NEW YORK PRIDE Parade is this Sunday, and what's the first thing that came up in my head?


Yes. Hair Color. And Faustus thought he's the gayest person ever. Oh please, he hasn't seen me vogueing at night to Madonna while waiting for my Primrose Mask to dry. And wait until my Aerobic Striptease package arrived at my door... I'll really be covered in PINK (with a hint of Aqua Marine) flame.

But anyway, back to Hair Color.

Risking the fact that I'm loosing hair, I still want to look 'different' from my daily look... My thin dark black hair needs some change...

So, instead of the Level 3 (Permanent) hair color... I got myself Level 2 (lasts through 24 shampoos) colors. And hope that my scalp won't burn into ashes this time.

I bought two boxes, actually. I just couldn't help myself... They were both Level 2's ... and very similar in shade... And both on Sale...

One supposes to have Less Risk, More Reward (And with mixed Reviews)... And the other, which I have personally used before... And found it to be pleasant...
(But the Reviews are bad?!)

Now, I just have to decide WHICH one to use.... *hrm*...

Ack, what exactly is this post about?


Just like what Mr. Markie did with one of his entries... I'm gonna ask YOU guys to ask me 3 questions of your choice. :) Leave all questions as comments.

PS. And most of you guys know, this is a Diva with an attitude typing... So what you get... May not be what you seek...

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