Wednesday, May 05, 2004

And She is... Dr. P

We were so hot and sweaty.

I looked into Her eyes and saw pearls of sweat emerged on her forehead.

My breath, got heavy as we continued on.

But since she assured that she can go on and on and on... I couldn't hide the fact, that being so close to her, made me forget how drained my body was.

Sweat soaked my back as I swept the salty drops off my forehead.

"Feel it?"

It seems she liked it.

The time felt right. I wanted to introduced to her something that she has never tried and done before...

I scooped them out...

"Suck them."

Her face shown signs of concern. But shortly, she proceed and...

"I'm sucking your balls."

I giggled.

She tried it... She sucked on the ball... But doesn't seemed to like it. Of course, it was her first time. I totally understand that. It was when Paw first tried it, he didn't like it either.

She didn't like it too much.

I turned a little bit and said...

"Bite the bums!"

"Yeah, bums! I love bums!"

"Sucked the balls then bite the bums!"


Then she grinned...

On that Friday night, despite the dreadful working week and lost of complexion (and enlarged pores from Stress) - I was able to meet the famous Dr. P at Grand Central Station.

As soon as I saw her in real person - eye to eye - the first thing that popped up in my head was... "And she complains about being SINGLE? She is G O R G E O U S!" (No, I'm not ki$$ing a$$ here. I'm serious!) Reminded me of a High School friend of mine, TaTaYa (fake name, of course) - who has always been friendly... Filled with laughers and jokes... And just very very cool - Like a sister to me. I didn't feel the need of hiding in corner and put on my nose pore-cleaning strips or cover my face up with Estee Lauder Maximum Coverage Camouflage Foundation. I felt free - free and open.

Being a bad New Yorker that I have always been - I had zero clue on where to go and what to do.... And since it was the 2nd time that I've ever been to Grand Central --- I was not familiar with places around the area.

That is where we started our long walking session. Dr. P with her bags... Me with my bag filled with beauty products... We walked and walked and walked (in circles)... We were all wet.... And hot...

Then, finally, after a short drive on the subway to Chinatown, along with a good 8 minutes walking, we've arrived at the restaurant.

We were HUNGRY.

"YUM! I like this!" Dr. P said after she took a bite on the fire bums. She showed a more excited expression compare the one she got from sucking & chewing the Boba Balls. (Aiya, I know, it was gross. I should have taken her to the place where they have the best Boba drinks in town.)

We talked and talked and talked and talked.

Then the Veggie rolls and the shrimp dumplings arrived.

She liked them. I knew it. She totally dig the shrimp! (I dig them too, even though I have been trying to maintain my cardiovascular health)

Phew, I thought. I was afraid that the stuff I ordered might not suit her taste.

I guess I made the right suggestion to have dinner at The XO Kitchen. Despite the main dish was awful and oily (not even worth mentioning here) - the appetizers was good enough to make our tummy go "Awe."

She even got some take-out orders (Meat & Shrimp Dumplings) for her friends. - Which, later, she told me (my cell phone) that her friends Looooooooved the Shrimp Dumpling.

It was a great evening for meeting Dr. P for the first time. Too bad, I wasn't in my best shape (My stomach had been going crazy...) - Next time, perhaps, we'd all go clubbing.

Lesson Learned: Shrimp Dumpling - The way to a str8 girl and str8 men's heart.

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