Thursday, April 01, 2004

Beauty Queen Chapter 3: Best Hair-Health Products and how to use them.

Oh, forget about the damn Hair Products - I have wrote about it long long long time ago. Let's talk about what you guys asked about in comments for the previous post.

Here are some quotes:

"yummy to da tummy!!! ...and such nice skin... I wanna touch it! hahahaha!" - From Robert.

"I want to bite into it. Yummy." - From Sushil.

So, what exactly is my SKIN Beauty Secret?!

Or, should I rephrase myself... Ahem...

What exactly is my PIXEL Beauty Secret?!

Well, Adobe PhotoShop, of course. I have mentioned this many many many times before, without PhotoShop, I would never EXPOSE my SKIN on the internet.

I want everyone to feel fabulous - on the internet. Therefore, I'm going turn this blog entry into a mini PhotoShop overview.

1. To bring out the color complexion of the skin, most of the photos are taken under a "Yellow" light, which is commonly use as the household restroom light. It also serves as a good template for you to do PhotoShop color editing.

2. Use the auto-contrast function in PhotoShop, to balance out the balance of the color tones.

3. To change my pearl-white (AKA "PALE" white) skin, I changed the color tone by using the 'Color Balance tool'. Where I added more 'tan' to the image. Be careful of what Color shading you use. You don't make yourself look overly 'yellowed' (like a pickle) or have that Paris Hilton 'ORANGE' tanning effect. Go with your normal skin tone and adjust the shade setting. Usually I'd ad a little yellow and a increase the red tone.

4. After coloring the over all color balance of the image, I would use the "Auto-level' tool to naturalized the lighting-tone of the image.

As you can see, some of the yellow in the background was faded to white.

5. Then here comes to the important part - The 'Smart Blur' tool is what most people use, to make their skin appear more smooth. Make sure you set the 'radius' setting to a smaller value than that of the 'threshold' - or else... You will end up looking super flat.

(See, how smooth my skin look in the image? It even flatten my forehead wrinkles and eye saggies)

6. The last step, would be reducing the size of the image. So it will be harder to tell that the photo had been digitally edited.

That's it, boys and girls. This is the end of my mini quickie PhotoShop tutorial. So, for those of you who has a copy of PhotoShop install in your computer, go and have fun. :)

With all the manipulated images of myself out in the cyberspace, every day's an April Fool's Day for me.

ACK, OH MY GAWD! I just Shard one of my darkest dirty secrets!!

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