Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Quick Shot of Mental Orgasm

It has been a freaking long stressful day at work. And it's only Wednesday.

Wahhh... Wahhhh....Wahhhh....

Anyway, sometime during the afternoon, I got a call from my manager.

"Wayne, please, print and ASK SOMEONE TO DELIVER those files to me."

I'm not stupid. Of course he meant he wanted ME to hand-deliver the printed documents to him.

So I did.

I walked down my building, and cross several streets.... And then arrived at my manager's training room.

I handed the documents to him, pretended that I understand every single word that came out of his mouth, nodded my head, smiled, then I took off.

Down the elevator, out the door.

Crossed the same streets...


I saw a smile in front of me.

I was walking up.

And the smile was walking down.

"Hi, how you doing?" said David.

"Hiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!" I waved my right hand like a little girl.


Then we passed each other on the ramp.


The mental energy boost continued until I stepped back into my cubical.

Then the dreadful day continued...

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