Thursday, March 11, 2004

My Type of Men Types

Okay, so quite a few bloggers have took this test and posted their results on the blog.
Since I'm a curious cat, I took the test too.

Here are my results:

According to the Match Test, my nĂºmero uno hottie is:

Hrm, well, yeah, a very handsome fella... Great smile, nice eye brows... And totally made me wanna take out my hair color collection and work his hair up and down like there's no tomorrow.

(I have a thing for dark hair guys)

And these are the runner ups:

I mean, gawd, they should all have been #1's...

And this guy has the unique feature types that I like in a guy:

Hrmm... I... I like the hair....

........Too bad, they don't have a test like this for the llamas.

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