Friday, March 19, 2004

The K-Mart Tango

I have been wanting to write about my Ex-BF#3 for the longest time, but I just couldn't get my flame up and totally pour my heart out on the blog. I guess I'll just have to wait until the mood is right.

There's a big K-Mart located inside of the Penn Station. (For those who are not familiar with K-Mart, it is the store that sells Martha Stewart Bed Sheets - and other stuff)

Anyway, I had plenty of time to kill before the train arrived at the station, therefore, I went into K-Mart to kill time.

La La La...

As I was walking toward the Toys section, I noticed a K-Mart employee coming toward my direction.

He's cute. I thought.

He has those puppy eyes that sparks like...uh, a puppy's eyes. Dark hair, dark skin - I assume that he's probably Italian or mixed. He's probably in his early 20's, and about 5'8 with a slim built, plus a semi-goatee on his chin. Oh yeah, he also has an earring on his left ear.

Cute as a puppy.

I think he saw that I 'checked' him out... Even though I turned my face toward the Music Section as soon as I saw him looking at me.

Then he walked passed me.

So I cruised around the Pop CD section... Then just when I stepped out of the CD section, I saw Mr. Puppy Boy walked right in front of me, toward the far side of the department store.

Er? Bumped into him again.

Without giving it a second though, I proceed to the Toys section.

First I walked into the Baby Toys section... Looked at all the stuffed animals. Then I turned into where the Barbies are...

After I heard some brief announcement came from the ceiling, I saw Mr. PuppyBoy walked right into MY section. (Oh damn, he caught me checking out Barbies)

His steps stopped at the end of the walk way.

Then I heard some noise.

He was on the other end of the shelf, fixing the Barbie Boxes. - Gee, I didn't know he's responsible for this section.

Or was he... Checking me out too? I mean... He's interested in me?!

Then, after I have gathered all my courage... I walked up to him.

He turned to me.

Our eyes met.

Focusing on his eyes, I held up my hand up, with Disney's Magic Mini Mate Princess Belle on my palm.

I asked: "Do you guys have Ariel version of this toy?"

He looked surprised.

He looked very surprised.

Then he said..."Uh... We currently only carry Belle and Cinderella. I don't think they released Ariel yet."

"Oh, bummer. Okay. Thanks."

Then I walked away.

Don't tell me that you were expecting some public-sex stories from me. I was, indeed, went to K-Mart with the intention of looking for the Princess Ariel Mini Mate!

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