Tuesday, March 30, 2004

The Helping Hand

As inspired by Markie's post on Angel(s) - I'd thought I'd share an experience that I cannot explain.. and never forget.

First of all, I do need to clarify, that I'm not much of a religious person. (See, I've never blog about God, and my religious belief) --- But, I am considering myself spiritual --- Whereas, I do believe in Ghosts, Spirits and "Something watching over us."

When I was in 6th grade, I was part of the 5% Asian population in the Jr. High School. Since I was really short, thin and pale looking, I was pretty much a target for bullies. (Yeah, I got my ass kicked before, numerous times)

We nerds usually hang out in small groups during lunch time. Instead of hanging out at the grass field, basket ball courts or near the pull-up bars, we'd hang out at far side of the campus, near the janitor's office. (I mean, who hangs out there during lunch time?) It was there, where we can avoid anything sport-related. It was there, that shelters us from the big buff bullies.

On a Sunny beautiful clear sky Californian Thursday, my friend J-dan, Ark-ba and I hanged out at our usual location. (Of course I used fake names, you think these names actually exist? Well, damn right they do!) Talking about classes, computer games and what a boring day it has been.

Then J-dan and Ark-ba decided to head to their class early, to 'help' each other with yesterday's homework. Since I didn't went to same class, I decided to went to the gate area where all students have to go though to get to lockers.

The gate area is also a place where EVERYONE hangs out. (Especially girls, since they would just sit on the side and chat the afternoon away)

Bored, had nothing to do, I stood next to the fence (of the gate) - waiting for the lunch bell to ring.

I was probably in my blank-out phase at the moment, I didn't really remember what I was doing. (Blank stared at the ground, probably)

All of the sudden, someone, pulled me back by the collar of my shirt.

Couldn't respond to such fast action, I allowed myself to be dragged by this 'bully'

Then immediately, a tennis ball flash-passed in front of my face and hit the fence.


It was loud.

The impact from the tennis ball sent a wave though the entire fence.

The tennis bounced off from the fence and landed on the ground.

There was a 5 seconds of silence before the chatty noise from the crowd returned.

If I didn't move back, the tennis ball would have stroked my head.

I turned my head around to see who grabbed me.

But I saw no one.

There weren't anyone behind me during the entire time.

I turned my head toward the direction where the tennis ball came from, and saw Charles (my bad boy fantasy - gosh, he's so hot!) looking over my direction, with an 'un-certain' expression.

He didn't know how good of a pitcher he can be... He probably realized that if I didn't pull back, I would have been struck by the damn tennis ball and resulted in serious brain damage. (Or, he was just confused on how I could have dodged his fatal attack)

Either way, I could careless.

I went home, like nothing ever happened.

It was not until after I graduated from Jr. High, I thought back of the entire situation, and found the entire incident to be too 'coincident' to be a coincidence.

So, anything "SUPERNATURAL" happened to you?

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