Monday, February 02, 2004

Gentle Little Push

It seems that the world has been talking about Janet's Boobie... Well, I'm going to talk about what I saw this morning.

Even thought Justin Timberlake said that everything was not intentional... But please, everything was so planned. At least, between Ms. Janet and Timberlake. (It was so clear, that Justin took his sweet time slowly reached over to Janet's right boobie cover and grabbed onto it for at least 3/4 seconds before pulling it off. Janet stood there all prepared... Did nothing to resist.)

Oops, wait, I'm suppose to write about the subway. Oh yes, the subway.

As always, the morning (especially Monday) at the train station can only be described as a war scene. People waiting to get on the train. Squeeze themselves as far as possible into the little space, despite the Fire Hazard, Max. People allowed, pick pockets...etc. No one wants to be late for work.

Including myself.

As soon as I got off the LIRR, I rushed to the [2] and [3] subway platform... Never intended to miss a train. I waited among loads of people in front of me... I thought I would probably have to wait for the next one...

Then it arrived.

Before I can take a step forward, the force behind me started to push me forward. Along with the wave of black coats, my chest thrust forward and bounced people off. Haven't had the chance to say "Ah, Don't push me!" I found myself standing in the middle of the train.

I got it.


That was fast.

But the force didn't stop. People continued to thrust into the train... Taking every single available openings.

Totally being gang-banged... Uh, surrounded by people, I had no poles to hold on to.

Then I heard.


A mid-50's man (Let's call him Jelly) was standing at the entrance, forcing himself in.

A gentle man (Let's call him Butter) between me and the old man said: "It's full. Please."

The door start to close on Jelly... But Jelly refused to move.

Butter said: "Sir, you will have to step out."

The door slammed on Jelly, and then bounced open. And the process repeated itself 3 more times.

Each time the door slammed on him, Jelly would moan loudly..."Hmmmmmmmffff!!!"

A man next to Butter said..."You have to get out. We've got to move."

Then Butter pull his hand out from his pocket and gently pushed Jelly out.

Along with his bags (1 backpack, 2 plastic bags, and a polyester waist pocket), Kiwi took 2 steps back.

The train door closed tight.

From a distance, I can see Jelly's glowing eyes though the glass window.

He was looking at Butter.

Then the man next to Butter said loudly..."There was no way he can get on the train. Look at those bags."

Butter replied: "Yeah. He was drunk too. Totally drunk."

Everyone remained silent.

But deeply inside, we thanked him for pushing him outside.

Because of Butter, we were able to get to work on time.

Oh, for those of you who watches American Idol 3... A friend sent me this link.... Uh, Yeah. That is all I can say about it.

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