Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Big Mama Don't Give A Damn!

It has been a week of work work work and more work. Nothing unusual happened to me at all - nor I have the energy to write about my past experiences.


One of those days...

This morning, however, I was some-what entertained by a little incident that took place at Penn Station.

As some of you might have experience, during the rush hour, there will be loads of people trying to get though the metro card slide-it passage.

What I meant by slide it, as in, people have to slide their pre-paid metro card in order to get though the passage. (Gotta pay when you wanna ride!)

I was among the school of fish this morning.

Step by step I move along with the people toward the passage.

La la la...

Just two people ahead of me, stood a woman in her mid 40's right in front of the metro card slide-in machine.

She held her bag up toward her face with her left hand, and reached in with her right. She was looking for her metro card.

(A common sense and courtesy that I learned since my move to New York, before getting in line for the slide-it fun, I always have my metro card in my pocket ready to be pulled out..)

So we were all looking at her, flipping though her keys, napkin and pens.

Then the man behind her said..."Excuse me, can you please step to the side? You are holding up the line here."

The woman ignored him.

The man spoke again. "Excuse me? Did you hear what I said? Can you please step to the side."

The woman looked at him with the "Whatever" expression and then back into her purse.

In front of me, was a gentleman in his mid 30's, dressed in a fabulous looking dark gray suit. Along with the professional suit, he wore a pair of sparkling shining black leather shoes.

Just when I was thinking that this man could be a high-level VIP personal in some high-end company.... He opened his mouth and shout:

"Damn it! Move to the side!!!"

The guy in front of him screamed..."MOVE TO THE SIDE LADY!"

At the same time, I felt the crowd behind me were pushing me forward.

To protect the sandwiches (breakfast for sis and I) in my bag, I folded my arms together and pushed back.

Then people in the line start to scream.









It's amazing how the remarks can get start with a regular classy "Excuse Me" to ghetto trash calling.

The entire time, the woman was still picking though her purse without even paying attention to the chaos behind her.

I really wanted to ask her why she didn't look for her metro card while she was waiting in line? Why wait until the last minute?

Then the crowd really start to push forward.

"AIYA" I yelled in my head.

Couldn't handle the wave of people, my body got pushed forward.

The fabulous suit guy in front of me, got pushed by me.

And the domino effect continued, until it reached the woman holding up the line.

Like a Miracle, an MTA employee showed up from no where. He grabbed the woman by her arm, and pulled her to the side.

The human wave floods though the slide-it gate and onto the subway platform.

As I was doing my slide-it action, I took a peak at the woman.

I saw the two arguing.

Without a second thought, I step up the stairs and escape the "I'm-Late-For-Work-Damn-It" realm.

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