Thursday, February 26, 2004

Beauty Queen Chapter 2: De-Toxic your Body, Free your Mind.

I noticed that the Apple+Beets+Celery juice is not on everyone's "Favorite Drink" list...

So, there goes the De-Toxic part.

Last night, I freed my mind.

In order to prepare for my audition today (Thursday), I have been working hella hella on my face.

Yes. Face. I wanna look good. I really want to nail it.

So, on Tuesday night, I used the tomato scrub from Bath and Body Works while I was in the shower, and then before bed, I secretly used my sister's expensive name-brand night cream.

For Wednesday, to live up to the Beauty Queen title, I bought myself a packet of anti-stress toning mud mask... And it totally freed my mind.... Well, not that the product is good or done a miracle job on my face... But it was the fact my sister walked into the apartment and saw me with "Light Green" face and neck. (What can I say? - I'm a drugstore product Queen... Uh What? Oh, I was using the Mud & Aloe Mask)

Sister: "...................."

Wayne: "......................." *lowers his head*

*Sister walked into the kitchen*

Wayne: "........................."

Sister: "...................."

*Wayne dashed into the restroom*

*Wayne rinses his face with warm water*

At that moment, my mind was totally blown away. (I guess it is more an extremely version of 'freeing' the mind)

She ended up not asking a single question about it.

I ended up pretending nothing happened.


After work, before heading to the audition, I'm planning to sit in the restroom stall, and use the 5 minutes Face Tonic from Montagne Jeunesse. (The lovely brand that created the balls-burning anti-cellulite body-mask)

I'm gonna look dazzzzling~~ (Except for the damn scar on my chin, left from the big zit last week... And this nasty new red zit above my lip)

Hrm, recently, I have become so... Spiritual lately... For someone who doesn't dream as much (or remembering the dream in the morning) - I dreamt. And I had a nightmare last night.

Not sure if it is only a dream, or my Spiritual vibe is giving me some sort of warning.

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