Tuesday, January 27, 2004

'Til the Summer

Last Thursday, Duckie called.

Duckie has been going though a very tough time with his love life. He fell in love with someone that he shouldn't have any attachments with. But again, that's really his personal life, so I will not discuss his juicy drama.

We talked on the phone, about his problems. I poured my heart out to make him feel better. He knew what I had to say. He knew what Danni said. But it was just tough for him to get himself out of the current situation. (Ack, I almost blew the cover up)

One thing leads to another. He said:

"Wayne, guess what?"


"I look so good now."

"Oh? Been using that 2nd hand Solo-Flex-Home-Excercise thingy lately?"

"Every - Single - D-a-y"

"Oh wow, you are full-filling your new year's resolution from.... "

"Too long ago."


"But you are not doing this for yourself, I know that."

"I want to look good. So he will like me."

"You are helpless."

"Yeah, yesterday, after I took my shirt off... He said that I look good... Very good... All toned and stuff...."


"Wayne... Heh Heh Heh... I'm gonna be rocking over the summer..."

"I don't go to the beach anyway."

"Don't you want to loose weight? I mean, you know that you want to tone up a bit."

"I need hella a tone up. All over."

"Go workout."

"No Gym around me. No Money. No time."

"Go excercise."

"Me Lazy."

"You gonna be so jealous of me."


So... on Friday night... I went out clubbing at The Web with FANNY and met with his friends... I danced all night... (took some break in between... I'm no longer young... My body coudn't handle hours of ass non-stop ass shaking) And then, on Saturday night, I went out clubbing at Roxy with the same gang... I danced and danced and danced... I gave it all... Totally...

On Sunday, I woke up around noon... and... I felt more... Alive. (Toned, you know. I worked the muscles.)

I think I'm going to up my Clubbing-Queen crown back on my head. For at least, until the Summer.

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