Friday, September 05, 2003

The Business Trip

Okay, I'm back. Finally. Fast Full Speed Internet Connection at work. This is what I missed. Yes. totally, I mean. Hel* yeah!

For those of you who didn't know, I was in Orlando Florida for a business trip. Well, it's not really about a huge arse meeting or some convention or workshop that I have to go. The only reason that I was sent to Florida by my manger, is - that he can watch me finish this business requirement document that was due in July. (ahem) Oh yeah, my manger works in Florida. (I report directly to him, yet here in New York, I also support another manger in the department)

So, you must be wondering WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY didn't I finish the document? Well, Since I have been gotten so involved with writing blogs at work.... No, just kidding. The reason that I was (uh, am, actually, I’m still working on it) unable to finish the document by July, is that the requirements kept on changing. Whenever there's a change on the users requirement, I have to revised the damn document. Plus, since I also support the *Other* manager, there are loads of works to be done. - Seriously - I'm pretty burnt out here.

But anyway, let me tell you what happened in Florida.


Nothing exciting happened.


Argh! Argh! Argh!

First of all, I was totally in shocked when I see the office in Florida. I mean... There is just one single office. (Where as here in New York, I work inside of a building, where there are other people working around me and chatting and gossip about hot sexy wild nights and US Open) - But I was so lonely there. Since there's only one office, which, was occupied by my manger, I had to set up my laptop outside at the lobby, plug my power supply into the electric-hub... And work there. Uh, okay, I'll stop it right here. Working is boring, so I'm not even going to write about it. Let me tell you about Florida.

Song, the new airline service own and operated by Delta, was the one that I took to Florida. The aircraft is very new and very pretty. (Neon-Colored design and seats) The flight attendants have very cute gray-blue checker patterned scarf around their neck. (OH, Female flight attendants have those. The male... wore ugly not-so-glamour gray-ish-blue long sleeve shirt) Since this business trip was schedule last minute, I haven't had the time to get everything prepared... I spent the entire work day (the day before I jumped on Song) getting all the notes ready, refining my documents, schedule car services, support other people in the department, order computer games online...etc.

What happened, is, I haven't received my Company Expenses Card yet... Therefore, all the travel, booking and stuff are charged on my credit card... Which, the company will pay me back later. Okay, that sounds good, if I can manage save all the receipts. Another thing is, I didn't have time to get some cash out of the ATM... Everything was a rush... So I went on the trip carrying only 42 dollars... (The cab service cost me $50 for just one trip plus $10 tip!) I was pretty much 'drained' when I arrived at the Florida International Airport. I tried to use my credit card on everything... Less cash the better. The people really look at me funny, when I try to purchase a Grande Starbucks Machiato with a credit card.....("Come on, it's only 4 bucks...") My credit card is pretty much, Maxed out at the end of the trip. The plane tickets, rental card, hotel room... I was really desperate. At the same time, I didn't know which corner that I can go and sell my ass... Ahem, actually, no. I wasn't planning on that. Since I'm not familiar with the area, I didn't travel much after work... I thought of going to some gift shop... And buy something for the love birds... I hopped onto my RED sporty rental car (yeah, it was like..."Hello Mr. Cop, come, I'm speeding. Come get me! Please") and headed out.

Feeling hungry, I started to look for restaurants... I wanted to eat something nice, since company is going to pay for it. But before that happens, the fee will be charged on my credit card, which, I didn't want it to max out. Then all of the sudden, the rain start to pour. When I say pouring, it means POURING. Water all over the place. I couldn't even see the roads... Because of the reflections of traffic lights... There were tourists running around, looking for shelter... some of them sat still at the bus stop, waiting for rescue. Myself, on the other hand, saw "Chili’s" in the next corner...

"What the heck. Chili’s it is."

I didn't want to drive any more, after all, it was a rental car... not my own. I can't afford to get it damaged in any way.

So, I had dinner at Chili’s. Which, is a restaurant that my sister and I go all the time... sigh.

Since it will cost me so much money for cab service, I really need to get some cash... So I went to a local Seven-11 and withdrawl some money... and there was this freakin 2 dollar service fee.. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

The rain was so bad, that I decided to head back to the hotel... Before I ran over someone or smash into a truck or something...

That's it.

Oh, did I mention, there are a LOT of bugs in Florida? I mean, ALL over. There were all over me when I was pumping the gas... I screamed and jumped up and down and waved my hands around.... It wasn't a pretty sight.

Lesson Learned: Find a sugar daddy before it rains.

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