Wednesday, August 06, 2003

My favorite music score of all time

I have been playing violin since I was 8 years old. Even after we moved to the United States, I continued to study the classical craft. When I was 12 years old, my mom bought me a bunch of classical music tapes, at neighbor’s garage sale.

Among the tapes, a recording of Borodin's opera, Prince Igor, stood out. The fact that I had no clue what is happening or going on in the story, I was completely captured by the beautifully arranged music.
"Polovetsian Dances" - is the track that drew my soul from my body. I felt deeply in love with the music, the instrument, the movements... Everything. Just everything.

In year 1992, My family went to the Hollywood Bowl for the 4th of July Concert. And it was there, I heard the familiar tune... I couldn't believe it is the same song. But only with lyrics. English lyrics.
It sounded so much beautiful sang by the lady singer.

Years after, I finally discovered that "Polovetsian Dances" was used in the musical production of Kismet. I got the sound track from Tower Records, and was shocked to found, that it was originally sang by a male.

No matter what. It's a beautiful music.

Take my hand
I'm a stranger in paradise
All lost in a wonderland
A stranger in paradise
If I stand starry-eyed
That's the danger in paradise
For mortals who stand beside an angel like you

I saw your face and I ascended
Out of the commonplace into the rare
Somewhere in space I hang suspended
Until I know there's a chance that you care

Won't you answer this fervent prayer
Of a stranger in paradise?
Don't send me in dark despair
From all that I hunger for

But open your angel's arms
To this stranger in paradise
And tell him that he need be
A stranger no more

Hrm. I still like the classical version.

Just a random note, I stopped playing violin at age 18, when I left home for college.

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