Friday, August 08, 2003

Desire, Heat and Sensation

Here I am, sitting in front of the computer at work.
Which, I'm suppose to be finish up this project that was due last week.
I have spent hours and hours after work, trying to finish it.
But for some reason, I'm slow. I'm really slow.
It is not hard a tall.
Just take a lot of time.
And normally, during this time, I'd distract myself from the stress.

So, here I am. Typing, while listening to the remix of Aria's "Ti Amo." There's something about last night, that I did, made my body temperature rise. As I closed my eyes earlier, just to think back, that 1.5 hours of intensity, made my legs weak.
I can almost hear my heart, telling me..."Wayne, you have no idea how much pumping I did last night."


Yes. Last night, my heart was beating really fast for 1.5 hours. So was my breath. I can still feel the feeling... The feeling of that gentle pressure up against my belly... and up toward my chest... then my shoulder... The firm grab on my arms pushed my body down, against the floor.

I'd never expect myself to take off my shirt that fast. But when you are in heat, you gotta strip. There is no better thing than warming yourself with body heat.

The sound of my own voice... Moaning... Still echoes in the back of my head.

"Ahhh.... Uhhhh...."

Do you know how painful it was last night? I mean, when I was on my back, trying to cope with this new sensation... But when the rush of throbbing intensity came up from the back of my ass drove me nuts.

It F**Kin' Hurts!

With every single thrust, the pain got worst.

I was moaning in pain.

"Ahhhhhhhhh.... Uhh....Ohh.... Ooooh....Uhh..."

Just how much this is gonna go on?"

I was getting pumped.

In my head, I was counting.

One... Two... Three... Four...

Five... Six.. Seven.... Uhh Ahhh....

Then I lost track. So I started over.

One... Two... Three... Four...

Five... Six.... Seven... Eight...

I had to recount each throb more than 15 times. I kept on getting distracted by the pain and the strange 'contrasting' feeling I got below my belly-button.

"Uh...Uh... Uh... Oh.... Uh..."

My body tensed up. My legs were shaking. My fists were firm.


Then all of the sudden.

There was a release.

Release of everything. I felt like my soul just flew out of my body, and took the intensity with it.

I fell limp on the ground. My chest raised up and down along with every breath I take.

I closed my eyes and trying to let my breath return to it's normal paste.

I was covered with sweat.

I was wet.

And this happened last night.

You have no idea that right now, I have this grin on my face as I'm tying this entry.

My forehead is really heating up right now.

My cheeks are red.

And I'm breathing heavily.

I knew it.

I'm getting sick.

My face is really hot right now.

Why did I bother to do push-ups and sit-ups last night? I never expect that I'd end up falling asleep on the ground, wearing only my underwear.

Damn it. I didn't even turn off the fan.

And my beer belly is still big...

Argh... I'm feeling so weak and dizzy now... Uhhhhh....

(Thank gawd I have Tylenol at work)

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