Thursday, July 17, 2003

Two birds with one stone

Okay, those of you who have met (or know) me in person must have discovered, that I have combination skin. Which means, I have very oily forehead, nose and cheeks. (No, not my butt cheeks. They are only oily when I rub olive oil on them. And no, I don’t do that. You perv!) My chin and the area around my lips stayed rather dry. I mean, dry enough that the skin tends to PEEL when expose to dry air.
Therefore, I tend to have the habit of applying a thin layer of face lotion (with Sun block) on my face. So my chin will not turn red and fall off.

The problem is, this will make my face (yes, entire face) very shining. The oily parts got shinier. Like you can easily start making chicken stirred fry on my face. Enough oil to make it yummy and hot.

About a week ago, I tagged along with my sister to The Body Shop store. Just to look around, since they were having their semi-annual sale; we wanted to see if we can find any good deals.

I got myself a leave-in Hair Conditioner. (Well, you know, I’m very sensitive about my fragile aging falling hair) While she got herself some body lotions. Seriously, a lot of the really cool and useful items were not on sale. I felt like I have wasted my trip there. I wanted the all natural after-shave balm (I have sensitive skin, I can’t use any after-shave lotions containing alcohol). But they were not on sale. Damn it.

At the register counter, I noticed there were a couple of colored pocket-sized packets. Then I saw my sister reached her hand forward. Using the tip of her fingers, she pulled out a thin sheet of tiny paper out of the “TESTER” packet.

“Oil Absorbing Sheets.”

“Oh yeah?”

Then she placed it on her nose. Wiped it around, and pulls it off.

“See” – While showing me the ‘contaminated’ paper.

So, I took a sheet out of the green Tester packet, and put it over my forehead.

I wiped it around and then held the sheet in front of my eyes.

“Wow, it absorbs the oil”

“Neat, isn’t it?”


“Want one?”

“Nah, its not on sale”

So, we left the store without getting those sheets.

Work has been rather busy and stressful for me lately. There are piles of things to do, and were giving a very short deadline. Mentally and physically, I’m exhausted. It seems like I’m sitting in the middle of a tornado, so many things are spinning around me, and making so much noise. Non-stop. The only time that I get a moment of peace is when I’m in the men’s room. I know, its gross. But when there are no one in the men’s room with you… You feel that no one is watching over you. It’s quiet. Very quiet. There are no phone calls, no Microsoft Outlook “you got mail” dings, and no co-worker singing about having rough sex tonight. No nothing. You feel like you own this moment.
This morning, when my tummy started to signal me that it is the time to go find my moment of peace. I went with excitement.
I opened the men’s room door, stepped in carefully, and opened up my ears to see if I can hear any sounds in there. My discovery made the moment even more exciting.

Great, it’s empty. I’m alone.

I reached into the bin where it holds the toilet paper covers…

Then I stopped.

My fingers were sending me messages….”You know this texture, don’t you? Remember?”

Oh yes! The oil absorbing sheets!

The texture is exactly the same as what I felt at The Body Shop.

I ripped a small piece on the corner and rub it against my nose.

Oh yes! It absorbed the oil!

This is really great! Since I only really need the “outer” part to cover the seat. I can always kick the outer part into the toilet after I’m done. Why don’t I rip the center part out and use it as the oil absorbing sheet.

Therefore, I can sit, rest, enjoying the moment of getting rid of the toxic out of my body, while clearing the shine spots on my face. What a great use of time and resources! It’s like, having my own mini spa session at work.

So, I grabbed two toilet paper covers out of the bin. (Yes, I always use two) Walk into the stall. Pulled the two covers apart.

Then I look at the toilet.

And back to the toilet paper covers.

Then back at the toilet.

And back to the toilet paper covers again.

I ripped the center piece along with the pre-cut lines.

But I didn’t detach them from the outer part.

I placed the two toilet paper covers on the seat, the way they should be placed.

I sat down.

And said to myself.

“What the hell was I thinking.”

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