Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Fud Place of the Day

NikoNiko Sushi & Bowl
80 Wall Street
New York, NY 10005
(Wall & Pearl St. Corner)
Tel: 212-232-0152

I hope this is not a *repeat* entry. You know, after all these Japanese Restaurants that I have been writing and eating around... I loose track.

I got a Yakiniku Bento ($6.75) today. Normally, I'd just get a regular Bonburi (Rice Bowl) - either the Oyako Don (chicken w/ onion cooked egg over rice) or the Gyu Don (Grilled sliced beef w/ sauce over rice). But ever since Monday, I have been way too busy and way too stressed and way too tired. So, today, for my late lunch. I decided to get myself one of those combination bento boxes.

So, what exactly is the Yakiniku Bento? Well, under the menu description, it has sliced tender prime beef with special (salty!) sauce served with rice, seaweed salad and 3 pieces of California Roll plus 2 pieces of shumai. Thank goodness that I bought myself a venti-size iced machiato at Starbucks earlier, or else, I'd be dehydrated by the salt contents of this bento.

But seriously, I was surprised by the amount of BEEF that I get in this bento. I mean, that's a LOT of beef. With my usual routine, I eat the seaweed salad first, and then the steamed veggie... and then shumai...Cali Rolls... and then save the rice and beef for last. Over all, it's not that bad.

Other things to be noted about NikoNiko - they have their own sushi bar. They have a whole list of items that you can order at the sushi bar. They have the regular rolls, roll combos, nigiri, nigiri combo, sushi bowl, sashimi plate and sushi sashimi combos...

Plus they have fridge items. Like Sushi box-on-the-go, Salad, Fruit Salads, Saki, Beer, Japanese snacks, Snapple... etc. It is more like a mini market plus quick Japanese food with sit-in sushi bar. The environment is very bright and clean. (Unlike other Japanese restaurants that I went, they always seem a bit dark inside...)

I'd give this place a 7 out of 10.

The Good: Lots to choose from. Fresh food. Clean and bright environment.
The Bad: The sauces are always a bit too salty. Slow wait.

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