Monday, July 14, 2003

Paris 2003 – Chapter 5: Street Scene

Believe it or not. Paris is pretty much like New York. I mean, it is New York, damn it. Every corner of every block, you see a Duane Reade...Uh, I mean, a Pharmcie “store” – Pretty much like the Save-on/Rite-Aid in California. They are just all over the place. Incase someone suddenly has the urge to rub slimming firming lotion on their butt, he/she can always pick up a bottle without walking more than 20 steps.

As I have mentioned before, there are very unique and beautiful architectures around the city.
Take the following picture for example, can you guess where I took this picture?

Well, personally, I think it’s a man-faced sunflower with ear grapes. (Okay, I have no clue what I'm talking about) And I got it off from a lamp post. Can you imagine? Even a lamp post get to have such awesome design around it. The city itself is an art!
Even something ordinary, like these pots of flower on the wall, blends in beautifully with the ancient structures, as if it was designed by some Burberry window-designer.

The streets are extremely narrow. Very much like Taipei, Taiwan. But instead of having a regular size car squeezing though the streets… I see a bunch of cars that are like this:

Mini Cooper / Or Smart Car, they say. Very cute, indeed! They are just all over the place. From far away, they look a bunch of killer lady bugs charging toward you. It is amazing to see people can drive though the narrow alley with the mini car. Parking on the other hand, is very much like a circus act itself. They can manage to squeeze themselves in the most small given spot, yet, without touching the other car’s bumper. It’s all done in one shot! My gawd!

There are also many dessert/bakeries among the streets in Paris. In some of the stores, you will see awfully cute looking things like this:

Hehe, and it will not make sense that I didn’t buy anything while I was in Paris. Well, I did. I bought some stuff. (My sister bought more) Here is a picture of me, standing in front of the Louis Vuitton store. I bought a mini waist purse for my sister. (All the staffs in the store are wearing one, I thought it looks cute) –Sigh- I guess I’ll have to be on my Hotdog diet (1 buck each) for a month, just to pay off the credit card bills. Oh yeah, you must have heard the rumor that people in France are not always friendly. Well, I don't want to speak for the population or to confirm the rumor... But look at the face of that man walking behind me. Now, you tell me if he's friendly or not. (He looked like he's about to wack me with that umbrella!)

Last note, it always got me thinking. Paris is considered the capital of fashion and beauty. My sister and I were expecting to see pretty people dress in pretty clothes on the street. (For you those NYC and LA people, you know what I mean) But we were shocked. We were very shocked.
People are just as regular looking like us. I think some movies really glamorized the Paris street scene. (Okay, those of you who seen View From The Top should know what I meant) Thank goodness that we left our paper bags (with two holes for the eyes) back in our apartment. We didn’t need them.

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