Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Paris 2003 - Chapter 2: Lido de Paris

Okay, this is my 2nd entry on my Paris trip.

Lido de Paris is a piece of $h*T. It cost us 20 more Euro for the show, and we were ‘forced’ to check our coats in. Since there’s a dress code, that my sister was wearing a nice Zara strap red dress… And believe me, it was damn cold inside. She was pissed. And so was I. (No, I wasn’t wearing a dress, but I like to hold onto something when I’m at a foreign place)
Since we didn’t get the dinner package (thank gawd!), we sat in the back row. But it wasn’t bad. Our table was facing the center of the stage as well.
Same thing, the lights went down… Then streams of laser beans start to fall from the ceiling to the floor. The a hunched back woman dressed up like a fairy walked toward the center of the stage. (She sure has the spirit of the hunch back of Notre Dame – Nah, I think her custom was too heavy)

Then the lights came on, live band, and then gorgeous looking dancers popped up with their glamorous outfits.
Then the lead male singer walked down to the center of the stage and start to sing.

And he totally surprised my sister and I.

“He’s singing in English”

“Oh my gosh, he’s singing in English!”

It turned out, the entire show was in English. It even featured scenes from the Hollywood, Broadway, and Las Vegas… It was very obvious that the show is targeting American tourists…

The dancing was okay… I specially love the part where the dancer dressed up in street clothes, in front of a nicely painted wall featuring some “street writings”… and dance beautifully with ballet movements with hip-pop beats… That was way creative. I have never expected to see something like that. I wasn’t even sure if they do that on purpose, or they decided to stay with the same ballet style though out the rest of the show. (Which, they did. Same dance style for the entire night!)

My sister and I exchanged a couple of glances during the show… I could tell her from her expression…

“Wayne, this sucks”

And she could tell what I had in mind…

“Dear gawd, why is this show so bad?”

The show is nothing compare to “Feerie” at Moulin Rouge.

Finally, the show ended. I looked at my sister. She looked at me.

“What a waste of money”


“Well, we didn’t know…”

“Yeah, we didn’t know… But now we know.”

“Yes, and we must warn the world.”


On our way out, I went to the counter to get my jacket… Then I saw a big sign on the wall.

2 Euro per item.

My sister and I were yelling “What dah F**K” inside of our head. It cost us 4 Euro just to get out of the damn theatre with our coats. We walked pass the souvenir shop without even take a look at what they have.

We just want to get out of there as soon as possible.

So, here is the conclusion:

Moulin Rouge

Good: Live singing, great dancing, beautiful choreography, and HOT dancers (men and women).

Bad: Pre-recorded background music, smoking is allowed in the theatre.

Best Show: The Moulin Can-Can!

Worst Show: The Circus Scene. I have Coulrophobia.

Lido de Paris.

Good: More Hi-Tech stage props, live band, male dancers show their butt, younger female dancers.

Bad: Coat check “enforcement,” very commercialized, no original music, lip-syncing singers, lack of creative choreography and smoking is allowed in the theatre.

Best Show: Gerswin On Ice

Worst Show: The Casino Scene...

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