Monday, July 07, 2003

Paris 2003 - Chapter 1: Moulin Rouge

Finally, I’m back from my mini-trip to Paris, France. Even though it was a short trip (2 nights) – but it was really an experience that I will never forget.

Most likely, in the next couple of blog entries, I will write about the things I saw and places I went during my Paris vacation.

This entry will be on the live shows that are famous in Paris.

There are four live shows in Pairs, known for great music, dance, and top less women wearing next to nothing. These are at Moulin Rouge, Lido de Paris, Crazy Horse Paris, and The Folies Bergere. Due to the limited of days and time that I get to spend in Paris, my sister and I focused on the first two shows.

We went to see Moulin Rouge on Friday evening. It’s located (We went as part of the tour packages, Dinner + Show at at Moulin Rouge– about 100 Euro per person) --- The dinner was great, really great. For around 32 Euro (part of the 100 Euro) – we get appetizer, main entrée, desert and a bottle of champagne. Since we have dinner there, we get to reserve our seats early. We got the best set in the house. We were sitting at the 2nd row, facing directly at the enter of the stage.
My sister and I both ordered the smoked salmon with caviar for appetizer, because we were afraid to get the other choice: “roasted rabbit.”
For entrée, I got the steak while my sister got the salmon. Like always, I cut ½ of my steak and give it to her, and she did the same to her salmon. Well, I think my steak is pretty good – consider I had worst earlier that day at some local freaking dumb a$$ restaurant near the Eiffel Tower. (I will write more about this in the future, but the lesson learned is, do not eat at any restaurant near the Eiffel Tower)
The salmon she had, was 1/4 raw… Which make the meat more chewy. Personally, I didn’t like it too much. Other than the strange sensation it gave me underneath my teeth, I can also taste the ‘raw fish’ on the tip of my tongue. (Okay, I’m not a sashimi person) But over all, the entrées were great.
The desert is best part. My cream brulee was delicious! And I think my sister got some ice cream on some chocolate chips… I wasn’t sure. Since I have sensitive teeth, I didn’t eat her stuff.

The live band featuring live signing were entertaining during the dinner. There’s even a nice dance floor for the guests go dance. And yes, near the 2nd half of the dinner, the dance floor was packed with people of all ages and race. (Nope, I didn’t go dance with my sister, it’s weird to hold her hand with one hand and her waist with the other)

Since there’s going to be a show right after the dinner, that everything is timed. 30 minutes after we finished our desert, the lights start to go out, and followed by total darkness.

Then the music starts – Music, Lights and Glitter all over the place.

“Danse Danse Paris Danse! Paris Danse Danse Danse!”

“Danse Danse Paris Danse! Paris Danse Danse Danse!”

There are dancers all over the place. Men and Women.

During the 2nd half of the Prologue, the dancer girls pulls their pants off and reveled their nice lean legs.

And did mention… The show is all about TOP-LESS Dancers? So, I’m sure you know what my sister and I saw after the leg shows. It felt kinda weird at first place. Since we sat so close to the stage, we were very close to those bouncy boobies. But after a while, we got used to it. (Ever read The Emperor’s New Clothes?)

Anyway, I don’t want to give away too much of the show. I just want to say that my sister and I were left breathless at the end of the show.

Sister: “So, what do you think?”

Wayne: “Oh, wow, its not bad at all!”

Sister: “Yeah”

Wayne: “I mean, its Great!”

Sister: “Yeah, totally worth it”

Then we spent the next 25 minutes buying the Moulin Rouge souvenirs. (Okay, they were not cheap, but we were all hype-up by the show, we had to get something.)
I ended up getting myself with 2 key chains and the Moulin Rouge “Feerie” soundtrack. (It’s in French, but the music’s great, and brings back memory of the show)

The next night, is Lido de Paris.

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